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July 2017

Groups Advocating for Civil and Migrant Rights

The law requires us to treat each other in a certain way. It also provides us with our right and freedoms. Thanks to the same laws, there are civil rights, which give us the right to participate in political issues that have an impact on us. Civil rights protect us from unlawful actions that the government might take to try to suppress our voices.

According to the constitution, citizens shouldn’t enforce civil rights against the government. These laws however differ from nation to nation because of the different levels of democracy in each country. When citizens feel like the government is infringing upon their civil rights, they form civil rights groups like the NYCRC (New York Civil Rights Coalition).

NYCRC was founded to fight for some of the issues that have become rampant in the 21st Century. It fights against racial discrimination in the U.S. The organization’s members also fight against other prejudices related to race and ethnicity. Lacey and Larkin advocate for love and look forward to a world with zero discrimination.

Over the years, the New York Civil Rights Coalition has held peaceful demonstrations to inform the government about their grievances. Through non-violent actions, they’ve successfully raised awareness about social problems that need to be solved. These issues include xenophobia, anti-Semitism and bigotry. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

To get better results from the acts of activism, NYCRC conducts thorough research on discrimination. They analyze history and use reputable sources of information to ensure that they have their facts right before engaging in any protest. Research has proven to be important as it has enabled the organization to avoid acting on baseless rumors.

The New York Civil Rights Coalition aims to prepare young people to assume their rightful position in the society. It offers volunteering programs, internships and community services programs that enable the youth to understand their civic responsibilities. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

NYCRC runs on philosophies that defy racial segregation. It believes in the power of a limited government as well as personal liberty. According to the members of the New York Civil Right Coalition, people shouldn’t be treated differently because of their skin color. They believe that this archaic way of thinking has no place in the 21st Century.

Although NYCRC’s methods of activism are somewhat unfashionable, they are always determined to win the war against biasness and incitements involving racial divisiveness that is also the main reason why I love this relationship site even though it does not carry much weight but it makes sense that things are working out for them too. They have offered quality historical, political and civic analyses for several years. Additionally, the organization shares findings of its research with the public to enlighten them about their civil rights and duties.

Migrants face discrimination for various reasons. Most of the time, they can’t do anything about it because they’re in a foreign land. That’s why people like Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have established organization to fight for the rights of immigrant.

Michael and Jim founded the Lacey and Larkin Fontera Fund to help groups that fight for the rights of immigrants. Joe Arpaio, the County Sheriff of Maricopa, wrongfully arrested the two journalists. They were later offered $3.75 million as compensation. Mr. Lacey and Larkin decided to donate the money to migrant rights organizations.


Lacey and Larkin Fight for Rights

It was over ten years ago that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were dragged from their respective Arizona homes in handcuffs in the middle of the night. Their alleged crime was publishing the details of an ongoing grand-jury investigation that was targeting the personal information of private citizens simply for reading the news. At the time, Lacey and Larkin were running the Village Voice Media newspaper, with Lacey as the executive editor and Larkin the CEO. They were being targeted by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was attempting to silence Lacey and Larkin for reporting on his many indiscretions.


It took just 24 hours for Maricopa County attorney general to identify the arrests as a major First Amendment violation, freeing Lacey and Larkin and voiding their arrests. It was later determined that the arrest warrants issued were illegally obtained; Sheriff Arpaio went to great and illegal lengths in order to further his vendetta, as he had been known to do throughout his career.


Years after the arrests and subsequent media coverage, Lacey and Larkin were awarded $3.75 million through a settlement with the county. After their First Amendment rights had been so heinously violated, they used the funds to set up a nonprofit organization, the Frontera Fund, which fights for the civil rights of the marginalized Mexican immigrant community in Arizona. In addition to setting up their nonprofit, Lacey and Larkin continue to report the news to their readers through their online newspaper, Front Page Confidential.


Todd Lubar, a veteran in real estate investment in Baltimore

The situation in Baltimore today, a recap

The common citizens are looking for better ways maximize their investments. In many cases, any investors have the resources, but they cannot get enough knowledge to help them get the best choices. As Todd observes, some campus students are equally looking for ways to start their lives. The first step towards getting the best alternatives is the right information. As it stands, Baltimore is growing fast, and the economy classes could benefit from this situation.

Todd Lubar’s education

In an article on Hackronym, having gone through his primary education, Todd joined high school in 1987. He undertook his high school education in Peddie School located in New Jersey. After graduation, he joined Syracuse and graduated in 1995 having studied speech communication as his major.

Work experience and its influence on Todd’s success

Lubar got his first official job immediately after graduating from the University. In 1995, he was employed as an advisor at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Having worked for this company for four years, he interacted with different clients and tried to understand their market needs. Todd, later in that year, joined Legacy Financial group where he worked as a senior advisor. His success in the company landed him a bigger job in 2005 as the vice president of Charter Funding. He held this position for two years then later started TDL Global Ventures where he is the current president. More details can be found on Affiliatedork.

Todd’s passion for real estate

Since his first employment, Todd has always had a strong passion for real estate. He interacted with many clients who had similar passions, but they did not have the sufficient information on how to go about it. He cites that one of his biggest achievements in life is the creation of the Global Ventures. He enjoys helping people get good houses. He gives financial advice before purchase and how to make wise investments in Baltimore. Currently, he has engaged a lot of clients, and this is one job that makes him feel happy. His two decades of experience in real estate has been resourceful in helping people and giving them the satisfaction they desire.

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