Business Leader, Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford, the Wealthy Founder of K4 Global

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Joseph Ashford is an international investor and established entrepreneur in London. He has several investments across Europe, South America, and Asia. Over 20 years, Joseph has built an outstanding reputation as an aggressive and hardworking entrepreneur. He has successfully identified and worked on numerous business ventures. Joseph has grown a considerable amount of personal wealth through his businesses and continues to grow more businesses and properties.

Joseph Ashford skills have been a great asset for the nurturing and development of several businesses. He has worked as an employee and CEO in several industries throughout his career. Amazingly, he had to climb through corporate positions wherever he worked. This provided him with an extensive background and experience in business development and marketing at all organizational levels. His expertise in using scalable solutions played a significant role in helping small and medium-sized businesses realize their total enterprise value and achieve consistent growth.

Through this varied experience and knowledge, Joseph Ashford is the owner and founder of K4 Global. The London based media consulting firm offers services to enterprises and individuals across the globe. Ashford is a big part of marketing at K4 Global and oversees the company’s strategic marketing and PR services for businesses in music, film, and other industries. The company also offers crisis management services, security, and asset protection.

Since its inception in 2014, K4 Global has become a significant player with a diverse client base, including real estate, established media enterprises, technology, the service industry, and A-list individuals. Joseph Ashford is keen on seeking experts for each industry segment and hiring people who can leverage new technology to succeed. He uses a clear set of business guidelines that focus on ensuring that the clients are delighted and satisfied with their experience. Ashford works on motivating and inspiring his employees to the purpose of their shared work.