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Ian King Focuses on Helping Investors Find Best Crypto Investments

Ian King, the new editor of crypto asset technologies for Banyan Hill Publishing is committed to helping investors in this new asset class locate the best investment opportunities.

A financial industry expert with a background as a hedge fund trader for New York-based Peahi Capital and experience as a mortgage bond trader for Salomon Brothers, King followed cryptocurrencies from their early years and eventually left his career in institutional finance in 2013, launching his own company to educate crypto investors and to assist them with making financial decisions.

The elimination of the middle man and creation a system based on trust aspects of cryptos appealed to King. He’s observed that economic functioning within societies thrives when there is trust between its members.

The explosion of crypto-based currencies is a result of how well perceived that it is by the community King points out.

The flexibility of the crypto exchange model allows it to be implemented in a presently unquantifiable number of solution configurations. Ian King points out that the underlying crypto technologies allow for the possibilities of refrigerators that order food when they are low, cars that pay their meter fares as being just the tip of the iceberg of the potential to be gained in this space.

Secure transactions without fees is just one of the several immediate benefits to consumer applications of digital currencies. The framework, built upon a blockchain ledger allows a distributed and indisputable record of the transaction to persist across a globally distributed network of public servers.

Major financial institutions are just starting to get involved in this arena. They’re putting money into it in several ways. Hiring experts in the underlying technologies, pursuing patents on their own proprietary implementations and acquiring financial instruments tied to the crypto assets on behalf of their clients are just a few of the ways that Wall Street is entering cryptos. Read more on Talkmarkets for more info.

For private investors, cryptocurrencies open the opportunities of high return investments, previously only available to venture capitalists, wealthy individuals and financial institutions. And it does so in a way that gives them immediate market liquidity to investors via digital currency exchanges.

In fact, the means through which new altcoins are created, ICOs, enables private investors to evaluate and invest in startups that have the same potential as say a Google or

The market is just at the beginning of its potential and the opportunities will continue to expand well into 2018 and beyond, predicts Ian King. Learn more:


Fabletics Sees Success Outside of the Showroom

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is a mainly subscription active wear company that has grown to a worth of $250 million in just three years, and they are not afraid of Amazon. Along with the online method of purchasing, the company has opened sixteen physical, retail locations and are expected to open more within the following years.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics uses a technique called reverse showrooming to sell and popularize its brand. Reverse showrooming is a take on showrooming, which is when customers browse products in store and then purchase them online at a cheaper price. With Fabletics, they don’t mind if you make your purchase in store or online. In fact, an item goes in a customer’s online shopping cart when they try it on so they can make their decision and purchase at their convenience.


Brand loyalty is key with Fabletics; when someone walks through the door of a retail store they are thirty to forty percent likely to already be a Fabletics member. If they are not, there is a twenty five percent chance they will become one during that visit. Also, by utilizing online data, retail stores can better determine which products to physically stock to appeal to their customers in the area. Store stock is even determined in relation to current and expected weather trends and predicted temperatures! Fabletics utilizes a Lifestyle Quiz as well that helps clients find the best gear by Fabletics to suit them and their routine. You can take it for free at their website.


Kate Hudson was able to create and build Fabletics with no business experience beforehand. The Almost Famous Actress is very involved with the company and has a hands on approach with her team. She knows the product because she uses them herself and despite some problems at first, the company goal is still to have the best quality product for around half of the price. Their first inventory order was not of the quality they expected and demanded so they had to set back the company’s launch by six months to allow for the quality they wanted.


Kate Hudson will always be an actress before a businesswoman. While she has had much success with Fabletics, her heart is in her acting.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Cutting-Edges Changes For Brazilian Law

Bruno Jorge Fagali is making waves in his field of law. He demonstrates idiosyncratic qualities not found among many other attorneys. He stands for social justice, anti-corruption and clean business. His credentials are impressive, but more importantly, his attitude is what allows him resonate so well with his peers and the public.

Bruno has attended school in multiple countries. They include Ontario, Canada; New Cairo, Egypt; and São Paulo, Brazil. Back in 1997, he began his education at Canadian International College to study the English language. Directly proceeding that, he furthered his studies at Mohawk College. During 2004 to 2008, he pursued a ‘Bachelor of Law’ degree at the University of São Paulo. In 2008 and 2009, Bruno studied electoral law and parliamentary law at SBDP (Brazilian Society of Public Law). From 2010 to 2012 he finished his studies. He holds a ‘Masters in Law’ degree from São Paulo.

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Bruno has an abundance of knowledge and background in his field, but there is more to his likability. He has principals and morals that are rarely seen among today’s attorneys. He believes in honesty and complete social justice. A results of these strong morals, he has earned his place at the SCCE (Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics).

Bruno demonstrates qualities of a natural leader. These attributes have transpired into him creating his own firm named “Fagali Advocacia.” He also serves as a Corporate Integrity Manager for Nova/SB. Nova/SB is a marketing company specializing with promotion campaigns for groups such as the International Labour Organization and the World Health Organization.

Fagali can communicate in four languages. They include French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. The law firms he has been associated with include Serrano & Renault, Calil & Associados, Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques, Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira and Radi.

With extensive qualifications and a passion to bring justice to the public, Fagali is on the path to becoming Brazil’s favorite attorney for the modern and liberal age.

Visit – .Wc1e_hNSxTY for more information about Bruno Fagali.

Ian King Says That the Crypto Bubble Isn’t Over Yet, Aims to Help Investors Capitalize on Crypto Mania

Crashes, bubbles, and corrections are the current buzzwords surrounding crypto, with January’s dip now moving into February, the market is practically in a panic. Could this be the end of crypto’s meteoric rise? Ian King believes that crypto isn’t finished yet and that it will still be possible to cash in on the craze before the market stabilizes. As the crypto expert at Banyan Hill, he’d certainly be the one to know.

The Recent Dip May Benefit Crypto as a Whole

It may not make much sense at first glance how a dip could be a good thing, but it has the potential to incite further growth in the crypto market. The dip is certainly no crash, and what it actually accomplishes is beneficial to the market in the long run. A dip like this may hurt crypto giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it also kills off thousands of irrelevant altcoins riding the coattails of the giants, and flooding the market with low-value cash grabs.

A dip like this will clear the lower levels of the market, allowing innovative crypto assets with real-world applications to crop up now that the market is no longer flooded. This is, overall, a good thing for the market, as it not only diversifies the market but provides actual, tangible value that isn’t affected as badly by the crypto craze that took the market by storm.

Is This the End of the Crypto Bubble?

The market has seen tremendous growth over the past year, with some coins making gains in excess of 12,000 percent, and investors practically becoming rich overnight. If this sounds like a bubble to you, that’s because it is. Many believe that the recent dip signifies the end of it, but according to Ian King, they couldn’t be further from the truth. With Wall Street only now making crypto investments, and financial institutions finally hopping on the train, the crypto craze is only just now getting into high gear. While, eventually, the market will stabilize, and the speculative craze will die down, savvy investors haven’t missed the boat yet, and still, have the chance to capitalize on the insane gains of the crypto market.

At some point, however, the bubble will burst, and, while it won’t kill the market, and crypto as a whole will continue to prosper, a lot of investors are going to lose their stake. Ian King hopes to help as many investors as possible succeed where others will fail, and with his expertise in crypto, he may be able to help push many to success with his insight into the crypto market. Read this aricle:


Doe Deere and the Fabulous Lime Crime

When it comes to being bold and beautiful, Doe Deere knows all about it. Not only is she confident and self-expressive, but she exudes that “I don’t care” attitude- the one we all hope to possess one day. Doe Deere is the creator of the popular makeup brand called Lime Crime. The line features bold, bright, metallic, glittery, matte, incredible colors. Basically, whatever you can dream up in your head, Doe’s thought of it. Her creativity really shines through her brand and speaks to so many people who want to express themselves through color as well.


Doe Deere is the perfect example of a woman who started at the bottom. She only began living in the United States as a teenager, where she even took a stab at her entrepreneurial skills by selling hand drawn temporary tattoos. Formally a musician, this woman has always been one of many creative talents and passions. From a small child, she adored makeup and anything in bright hues. Everything about it- the process, the colors, the application. She eventually decided that the cosmetics industry needed a bit more sass, and that is where Lime Crime came to be.


When the “in” trend was au natural, Doe Deere made her line outshine the rest with unique, crazy, incredibly bold colors that people just couldn’t resist. Overnight success would be an understatement. Not to mention, the impact that Doe had on her fans or “Unicorns.” This “Queen of her Unicorns” was expressing herself and her brand all over social media and encouraging other to express themselves through color as well.


Doe Deere’s confidence is so contagious, and her look is the envy of many. She goes bold in almost every aspect-hair, makeup, clothing and inspires others to be free to be themselves. She is a force to be reckoned with and a true business idol. Her line of Lime Crime cosmetics can be found in various stores and on her website, and you can get to know the fabulous Doe through her Instagram. You are missing out on being bold without a little Lime Crime in your life! Learn more:

America’s Toughest Sheriff Brought Down

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, labeled as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” had both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin arrested ten years ago for allegedly disclosing facts about a grand-jury investigation.

The day of their arrest, Lacey and Larkin published a story in the Phoenix New Times regarding the grand-jury probe. Arpaio set these men up because of their constant coverage of his shameful crimes that culminated back to his 1992 election to office.

The incident is a literal recap of Arpaio’s actions while in office, from his notorious Tent City to the number of people who died in his jail cells in addition to the shackling of pregnant moms to their beds during deliveries and many other extralegal actions he ordered his deputies to perform.

His most significant crusade was against the two newspapermen because of his adamant dislike regarding issues of the Latinos and their rights throughout his jurisdiction.

The shocking arrest of Lacey and Larkin was clearly in violation of their First Amendment rights. The 1st Amendment states that there is no law against the freedom of speech or the press. Within five years, the careers of both men ended when paid a 3.75 million dollar settlement by the Maricopa County for the wrongful arrests. Lacey and Larkin used the money for the Frontera Fund, which is a nonprofit organization to support the rights of immigrants and migrants.

Jim Larkin is native to Phoenix, Arizona and studied at the Arizona State University. He dropped out in 1972 when he met up with Michael Lacey to work on the Phoenix New Times. The publication was a culmination of student antiwar protests. Michael Lacey Lived in Newark, N.J. until he moved west in the late 1960s, at which time he also attended the Arizona State University, dropping out in 1970.

Lacey published the Phoenix New Times along with a couple of other students as a result of ultra-conservative media coverage of campus issues. Lacey was the executive editor of the New Times with Larkin as head of the advertising aspect of the publication.

The two men worked hard to create the feisty, weekly periodical, covering a wide variety of political and social issues. Their careers were put on hold when arrested on October 18, 2007, initiated by anti-immigrant sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County.

Arpaio was elected to the role of sheriff, service from 1993 to 2016, being labeled as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” due to a long history criminal actions in his jurisdiction. Arpaio, a former law enforcement officer, had been re-elected six times as sheriff until subsequently losing.

He announced that he would run for the Senate of Arizona. Eighty-five-year-old Republican Arpaio is an ally of Trump, and the report is that the President pardoned him after being proven guilty of criminal contempt. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

He denied a judge’s court order to cease traffic patrols targeting immigrants. Opponents of the former sheriff thought he would finally be made accountable for his crimes, but such was not the case.

Arpaio was an avid supporter of Trump, and that turned out to be a smart move on his part since the pardon by the President kept him out of jail. He will not face any consequences for his actions. Lacey and Larkin had much to say about this decade-long issue with the former sheriff, as one might expect!

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

A Deep Dive into Forex with Jordan Lindsey

We define gambling as taking a risk in the hope of a desired result. Therefore all forms of trading are a form of gambling. Speculating in the forex market is not an exception. However, there is a significant difference between games of chance and forex trading.

Not surprisingly, most casino games give the house an edge of anywhere from 1 percent as in blackjack, to 29 percent in the case of keno. The point is that if you enjoy Las Vegas long enough, you will be the one paying to light “The Strip.” The house always wins.

In contrast to the forex market, on the other hand, there is no house. In fact, when you become adept at reading the market you can play the role of the house. All you need is an edge or what experienced traders like Jordan Lindsey commonly referred to as “finding value” in the parlance of the forex trading world.

When Mr. Jordan Lindsey, founder of JCL Capital, proposes that 7 percent returns can be attained month after month, he is telling traders that they have an edge. Value is everywhere in the forex market. It is particularly apparent looking at price charts.

Concepts such as support and resistance represent one example of finding paths to value. For instance, knowing that price action tends to respect a return to previous levels of support and resistance (70 percent of the time when viewed in the one-hour time frame), we can exploit the market’s tendency to surrender pips to us. In fact, this situation represents a 30 percent edge in the trader’s favor.

Once identified, traders should always exploit their edge. There will be times when it does not pan out, and such “high-probability” trades lose money. However, once you have become knowledgeable about chart patterns and the statistic regarding their performance, you will be on the precipice of unlocking the vault.

Jordan Lindsey has said that achievable forex trading goals if adhered to, in the fullness of time can lead to multi-million Dollar success. The rungs in the ladder of a trader’s success consist of diligence and the ability to identify value when it presents itself.

Stay in the Know with NewsWatch TV Review

Avanca is a company which has created a Windows 10 PC that is small, lightweight and powerful. The Sirius B Mini PC fits in your pocket and is the same size and shape as a smartphone. It connects to a monitor, and keyboards the same as a traditional unit. In order to effectively market this newest addition to the Ockel Computer line, Avanca needed the power of the media to help spread the word to reach a large audience. Avanca created a fundraising campaign (crowdfunding) on Indiegogo with a goal set at thirty thousand dollars. There was a drawback however, in that the goal must be reached within thirty days for the company to receive any funds from the campaign.

In knowing this, Avanca didn’t want to take any chances in not meeting the deadline so they turned to NewsWatch TV Reviews and hired them to produce a segment lasting one minute to promote the Sirius B Mini PC. The segment was aired nationwide on NewsWatch TV and all NewsWatch channels found online. Hiring NewsWatch TV proved to be a wise decision. Not only did Avanca meet its goal, instead of making $30,000 they made over $456,000. Avanca credits NewsWatch TV with the success of their campaign as more than 200 U.S. Markets and over 96,000 households viewed the segment as a result of the airing.

NewsWatch TV is a media source which provides breaking news in the areas of health, travel, technology, reviews and overall entertainment for consumers, hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison. For the tech savvy, there are reports about features, presented by Chris Vaughn, Amanda Forstrom, Scott Steinberg, Leslie Alston and Eric Forrest. When there is a need to know it’s nice to know there’s NewsWatch TV on AMC and ION Networks.

Elysium Creates a Health Supplement That Maintains NAD+

Elysium Health, a consumer science company, is seeking to apply advances in science and technology into clinically validated products that work. Its first product is called Basis. Basis is a supplement that is clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+ in our cells.

Increasing NAD+ levels in humans works to support cellular well-being. NAD+ is a key coenzyme in our cells that is responsible for several key functions like DNA protection and circadian rhythms. But NAD+ levels decline as we age. Basis works to maintain higher levels of the coenzyme and support our cellular functions as a result.

Basis is a product intended for all healthy adults. Basis is also vegetarian, vegan, nut- and gluten-free, adhering to most dietary needs.

Elysium Health was founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente in 2014. He has conducted significant research on the genetic and molecular causes of aging during his career as the director of The Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT.

Basis is designed for long-term use and is third-party tested for quality. By taking two capsules of Basis daily you can begin to support your cellular health today.

Elysium Health sells Basis on its website. The supplement is available for individual purchase for $60. Each individual jar of Basis contains 60 capsules, which is enough for 30-days of the recommended dose of the supplement. Monthly subscriptions to the supplement decrease its cost to $40-50 per month depending on the length of the subscription.

Elysium Health is looking to increase the number of people it helps and is currently in the process of developing new products that focus on circadian rhythms, skin health, muscle function, and cognitive health. These are in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Waiakea Water Benefits the Body, Environment, and Less Fortunate

Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water in 2012. Since then, the 27-year-old  has been a man on multiple missions. For Ryan selling water is a means to ends nobler than just turning a profit.

Protecting the Environment

Four hundred thousand pounds of plastic are among the pollutants that enter the world’s oceans every year. Waiakea bottles are fully recyclable and degrade completely in 15 years versus 1,000 years for traditional plastic bottles. An additive used during the production process is responsible for Waiakea bottles breaking down 97% sooner than other plastic bottles.

Improving the Human Condition

Appropriately, Waiakea has teamed up with the charity Pump Aid. The objective is to bring potable water to impoverished and developing countries like Malawi, Africa. Each liter of Waiakea that is sold equals a week’s worth of clean water for the poorest of the poor.

The Benefits of Alkaline Water

Waiakea (“broad waters” in Hawaiian) is alkaline. On the pH Scale water with a hydrogen ion concentration of 0-14 is alkaline. Waiakea’s pH falls in the middle of that scale at 7.8 to 8.8% alkalinity.

Because alkaline water is a base it neutralizes acid in the body offering a variety of benefits.

  • Contols acid reflux
  • Improves blood oxygenation
  • Muscle and joint lubrication
  • Improves metabolism
  • Promotes colon health
  • Improves skin health

Add to that, boosting the immune system, fostering skeletal health, fighting fat, and increasing energy levels.

Additional Healthful Benefits

The source of Waiakea is the snow and rain run-off from the Mauna Loa Volcano meaning Waiakea uses a truly unique filtration system. On its journey through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock Waiakea is infused with essential minerals.

Calcium- promotes bone health and has neurological benefits. It also assists muscle function and blood clotting.

Magnesium- plays a key role in 600 plus bodily biochemical reactions.

Potassium- essential to the proper functioning of organs, especially the heart. Potassium is also vital to cell and tissue health.