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Elysium Health: Vitamin Possibly Extends Life

A company called Elysium Health is taking a stance on combating aging and attempting to turn life-lengthening chemicals into a vitamin pill, available over the counter. However, Leonard Guarente, the MIT biologist behind the anti-aging start up, says there’s a catch. As of now, there’s no way to prove that the same anti-aging chemicals previously tested on worms and rats will have the same anti-aging effect on human beings. The problematic variable constricting the ability to test the effects of anti-aging in humans has to do with time. Guarente said such an experiment could take “decades.”

Despite the lack of testing in humans, Guarente has found a way to make the anti-aging product available to consumers without conducting a clinical trial or FDA approval. Guarente says the pill takes the form of a nutraceutical. A nutraceutical is a product with nutrients derived directly from the source of food or dietary supplement and is widely available over the counter. So, how does it work to fight aging? The science has to do with mixing up the metabolic reactions in an individual’s system. The original benefits of the nutraceutical were observed while decreasing the dietary calorie intake of a mouse. The mouse lived longer after ingesting the compound that mimicked a significantly less amount of energy released from glucose. The process is known as “caloric restriction” and has also been proven by scientists to extend the life of laboratory mice by allowing them access to less food. Additionally, an anti-aging pill with beneficial effects could prove very profitable in the current health industry. The current market for health supplements is $30 billion. This figure is expected to increase roughly 7 percent, annually. With such a large volume of following, Guarete’s company has a good chance of making it within its given industry. For those wanting to try the anti-aging nutracuetical, Guarente’s company is selling the supplements online through its manufacturing website. The product is named “Basis” and takes the form of a blue pill. Customers can either purchase a 30-day supply for $60 or enroll in the ongoing subscription plan for $50 per month.

Founded in 2014 by Leonard Guarente, Dan Alminana and Eric Marctulli, Elysium Health’s mission is to solve health problems with the implementation of science to help extend the lives of people. Elysium Health takes the world’s top scientists and clinicians to develop ground breaking and scientifically proven health products. By incorporating a three step program into their development process, board members take a hands on approach to anti-aging. This three step process includes scientific direction, product discovery and institutional connections to research and develop only the best product.