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Freedom Checks and How To Be Free From The Shackles of Employment

Everyone wants to be free, and one right way to do that is to be extremely wealthy that you don’t need to work. You don’t need to be shackled by your employer’s work instructions. You won’t be someone’s slave. You don’t need to be forced to a supervisor that drives you up the wall. In this attempt to be free, you might want to consider the wealth opportunities in the Freedom Checks (FC) offered by Matt Badiali.

The Freedom Checks Opportunity

If you want to be wealthy, it helps not to put all your eggs in one basket. It helps, too, to make sure that you invest a variety of assets across a diversity of baskets so that you increase your chances of luck. In the world of investment trading, traders and stock brokers can drop off like flies. To increase your chances of survival, you may want to consider what Freedom Checks can offer you.

For one, Freedom Checks are an investment program supported by the government, but not similar to Social Security and 401K. They’re a doozy, but they can also be very risky. When you invest for as little as $1,000 in a Master Limited Partnership, the name of a company that deals with FC, you can earn a possible payoff of around $365,000. Watch Freedom Checks on Youtube.

The People Who Cashed In

It may be of your interest that FCs are not here in a beta stage. They’re not in a trial stage. They’re here, and the investors who already trusted their money into such asset have already cashed in, according to NO BS IM Reviewers and Banyan Hill. In the Banyan Hill article, we learned that some of the people who already cashed in on FC include Mike Reed, from Colorado, and Doug Smith, the 46-year-old citizen from Joplin, Missouri. There are also reports of people cashing in on different amounts, including $66,570 and $24,075.

How Matt Badiali Discovered FC.

This excellent trade opportunity has been discovered by Matt Badiali as he was working across several countries to engage with his profession as a geologist. In his work, he met a lot of miners and business moguls who have found ways that governments can create incentives for entrepreneurs to help the country’s energy needs. With such set-up, people can take advantage of a unique opportunity to be part of the mining industry of the country that has been offered tax incentives by the government. Read This Article:


Bob Reina: He Does Not Know What It Means To Quit

If there is one thing that is completely and utterly foreign to Bob Reina, it is the word “quit.” It is not in his vocabulary, and he does not believe in it. He does not see the benefits of it, and he does not see how it helps anyone out in the long run. It is only going to make people want to take the easy road in life. Here are the facts: there is no easy road. Every single thing in life is hard. If it were easy, everyone would be succeeding in life. It starts with having a strong work ethic.


When someone has a strong work ethic, it is impossible for him or her to be stopped. Sometimes it means staying up all night and sleeping all day. However, if the work is complete and it is done the right way, it is worth it. There is a price to pay when it comes to success. Some people are willing to pay that price whereas others are not willing to pay that price. It comes down to people asking themselves the question, “How badly do I want this?” If someone wants something bad enough, they find a way. If it does not mean that much to them, they come up with excuses. That is the biggest difference between someone that is a winner and someone that is mediocre.


Bob Reina is a winner and always will be a winner. It is because he is ultra competitive, but it is in a good way. It is in the best possible way. He knows there are other companies out there that are trying to compete with Talk Fusion. However, he wants to be the best in video technology, and it is something he strives for each and every single day. He is going to outwork and out hustle the competition. In addition to all of this, Bob Reina is a great person. He is very charitable and also donates money to the Tampa Bay Humane Society.


It is hard to find a more balanced person than Bob Reina. He is in a league of his own when it comes to that. That is why someone like Bob Reina comes along but once in a generation. He is a rare breed. If the world had more people with the kind of drive and desire as Bob Reina, there would be a lot more getting accomplished, that is for sure. In the meantime, Bob Reina is going to do all that he can to get ahead and push himself to do even more than he’s already done, which is a lot.


However, the work is never done when people need help out there. Learn more:


America’s Toughest Sheriff Brought Down

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, labeled as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” had both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin arrested ten years ago for allegedly disclosing facts about a grand-jury investigation.

The day of their arrest, Lacey and Larkin published a story in the Phoenix New Times regarding the grand-jury probe. Arpaio set these men up because of their constant coverage of his shameful crimes that culminated back to his 1992 election to office.

The incident is a literal recap of Arpaio’s actions while in office, from his notorious Tent City to the number of people who died in his jail cells in addition to the shackling of pregnant moms to their beds during deliveries and many other extralegal actions he ordered his deputies to perform.

His most significant crusade was against the two newspapermen because of his adamant dislike regarding issues of the Latinos and their rights throughout his jurisdiction.

The shocking arrest of Lacey and Larkin was clearly in violation of their First Amendment rights. The 1st Amendment states that there is no law against the freedom of speech or the press. Within five years, the careers of both men ended when paid a 3.75 million dollar settlement by the Maricopa County for the wrongful arrests. Lacey and Larkin used the money for the Frontera Fund, which is a nonprofit organization to support the rights of immigrants and migrants.

Jim Larkin is native to Phoenix, Arizona and studied at the Arizona State University. He dropped out in 1972 when he met up with Michael Lacey to work on the Phoenix New Times. The publication was a culmination of student antiwar protests. Michael Lacey Lived in Newark, N.J. until he moved west in the late 1960s, at which time he also attended the Arizona State University, dropping out in 1970.

Lacey published the Phoenix New Times along with a couple of other students as a result of ultra-conservative media coverage of campus issues. Lacey was the executive editor of the New Times with Larkin as head of the advertising aspect of the publication.

The two men worked hard to create the feisty, weekly periodical, covering a wide variety of political and social issues. Their careers were put on hold when arrested on October 18, 2007, initiated by anti-immigrant sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County.

Arpaio was elected to the role of sheriff, service from 1993 to 2016, being labeled as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” due to a long history criminal actions in his jurisdiction. Arpaio, a former law enforcement officer, had been re-elected six times as sheriff until subsequently losing.

He announced that he would run for the Senate of Arizona. Eighty-five-year-old Republican Arpaio is an ally of Trump, and the report is that the President pardoned him after being proven guilty of criminal contempt. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

He denied a judge’s court order to cease traffic patrols targeting immigrants. Opponents of the former sheriff thought he would finally be made accountable for his crimes, but such was not the case.

Arpaio was an avid supporter of Trump, and that turned out to be a smart move on his part since the pardon by the President kept him out of jail. He will not face any consequences for his actions. Lacey and Larkin had much to say about this decade-long issue with the former sheriff, as one might expect!

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Stay in the Know with NewsWatch TV Review

Avanca is a company which has created a Windows 10 PC that is small, lightweight and powerful. The Sirius B Mini PC fits in your pocket and is the same size and shape as a smartphone. It connects to a monitor, and keyboards the same as a traditional unit. In order to effectively market this newest addition to the Ockel Computer line, Avanca needed the power of the media to help spread the word to reach a large audience. Avanca created a fundraising campaign (crowdfunding) on Indiegogo with a goal set at thirty thousand dollars. There was a drawback however, in that the goal must be reached within thirty days for the company to receive any funds from the campaign.

In knowing this, Avanca didn’t want to take any chances in not meeting the deadline so they turned to NewsWatch TV Reviews and hired them to produce a segment lasting one minute to promote the Sirius B Mini PC. The segment was aired nationwide on NewsWatch TV and all NewsWatch channels found online. Hiring NewsWatch TV proved to be a wise decision. Not only did Avanca meet its goal, instead of making $30,000 they made over $456,000. Avanca credits NewsWatch TV with the success of their campaign as more than 200 U.S. Markets and over 96,000 households viewed the segment as a result of the airing.

NewsWatch TV is a media source which provides breaking news in the areas of health, travel, technology, reviews and overall entertainment for consumers, hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison. For the tech savvy, there are reports about features, presented by Chris Vaughn, Amanda Forstrom, Scott Steinberg, Leslie Alston and Eric Forrest. When there is a need to know it’s nice to know there’s NewsWatch TV on AMC and ION Networks.

Ted Bauman, an Exceptional Economist

Ted is an excellent stock market analyst who has been predicting and giving insights on what the financial markets are likely to perform in the next period. For over 9 years in the market, Ted has never gone wrong in his predictions.

Lately, he has been focusing on crypto currency which has been growing in a ridiculous rate and the possibility of having a rise in inflation rates in the US if the Tax rate is going to go down. Ted explains the two factors using financial logic and theories. These helps in understanding why currencies behave the way they do and the impacts of some actions taken on them.

Ted is a postgraduate holder in two degrees, Economics and History at Cape Town University, South Africa. He was born in Washington, D.C and was brought up on the Eastern Shore, Maryland. He then immigrated to South Africa where he took his postgraduate education.

He started his career in South Africa and has worked there for over 25 years but later went back to the U.S. He has been in executive positions, working for non-profit organizations. Ted has been a consultant, writing and researching extensively on housing, finance and urban planning for diversified clients both locally and internationally.

Ted is the Editorial Director in Banyan Hill Publishing. He edits Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter and Alpha Stock Alert. He is specific on investment strategies with low risks, asset protection, issues in international immigration and privacy.

He intends to teach people on how to live free lives from corporate greed and governmental oversight. He believes that good life is not only meant for those on the Street Wall but also to everybody else as well.

In his practicing career life, ted has traveled in 35 countries all over the world. He has helped over 14 million people living in low cost housing through one of the projects he contributed in its formation, the Slum Dwellers International.

Through his newsletter, The Bauman, Ted has helped in improving the living standards of his subscribers. He has recommended them economic opportunities and offered solutions at a personal level.

His rich work has been published in different and popular international journals. Additionally, ted is co-authoring a book with his father, a former Congressman in the U.S. The title of the book will be Where to Stash Your Cash. The book is hoped to be of help to the common citizen. Read more:

The Key Things To Know About Brazilian Investing From Igor Cornelsen

Brazil is a place that has so many investing opportunities that even when their economy is down, you can still look into investing in various industries. When you need an expert to point you in the right direction for Brazilian investing, Igor Cornelsen is just the person to turn to because he has worked in the banking industry there and knows how much of their financial policies work. He worked at three big banks before retiring to live in Miami, but this is what he has said about Brazil’s financial situation according to PRNewswire.


Igor Cornelsen says there’s reason to be hopeful since the appointment of Finance Minister Joaquim Levy because he has the qualifications for the position and it’s expected he will have more international-friendly policies. But Cornelsen says investors also need to look at the banks and their management. There are basically 10 banks that have been where investments have flowed through over the years and among them are Banco Itau, Banco do Brasil, Citibank Brazil and Banco Bradesco. Cornelsen encourages investors looking to enter the Brazilian market to get to know locals down there and learn from them which banks are the best to invest with.

Igor Cornelsen also says investors need to pay attention to the developments in China. China is a key competitor and trade partner and its relations with Brazil and the US will always impact the Brazilian markets, especially considering it too is a major goods exporter. Cornelsen also says the value of the Brazilian real is another thing to look out for because he’s felt that for so long it’s been priced above what it should be. He expects Brazil’s new leaders will slowly devalue it to make sure it settles back into its true value without crashing the nation’s currency.

Read more: IgorCornelsen Is Giving Three Valuable Tips to Invest in a Growing Foreign Market

Kevin Seawright Builds a Strong Reputation for His Successful Career and Business Strategy

When appointed to a new position, it is essential to update your skills and knowledge so that they can match the new task. It was no different for Kevin Seawright when he was appointed as Newark CEDC’s financial and administrative operations professional.

It is among Kevin’s top qualities work hard to increase productivity at his work. Kevin was honored by the University of Notre Dame for having completed the second phase of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Kevin’s completion of the course had been his last step towards getting ready for his new role. When talking about this award, Kevin admitted to having realized the importance of serving actively both in government and public systems. Now that he was on the quest of completing this journey, Kevin could have never been happier.

Two years later, Kevin Seawright remains the financial and administrative operations expert at Newark Economic Development Corporation. All through his career, Kevin has stood up as an outstanding economic strategist.

Crunchbase believes that Kevin Seawright always has new ideas to introduce to the company, all of which work out pretty well. He has managed to attain this by aligning his strategies alongside the current economic and technical organization’s goals. It is his hard work that has won him all the awards and the top company’s position.

Many of Kevin’s achievements have been attained while working at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He has improved employee retention in the company. The move increased the efficiency within the working environment. Before joining NCEDC, Kevin served as the Vice President at the Baltimore city government’s office.

Some of his other achievements include managing $600 million worth of an educational renovation project for schools in Baltimore. The project lasted for three years. All this while, Kevin Seawright did not misappropriate the funds, but instead used them as and when required. He has also managed $134 million yearly operation budget.

Kevin admits that a lot of factors led to his access. They include improving IT proficiency thus making it easier to make reports and remaining a great team player who believes in the importance of strategic plans for successful team management. Kevin does his best to ensure that he approaches issues with maturity and honesty.

Migrant Rights Groups Fight Against Trump’s Executive Order

Across the globe, migrants continue to suffer as societies deprive them of their rights. In the past, it was believed that the violation of the rights of these individuals was only witnessed in other countries. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In the recent past, President Donald Trump signed an executive order barring migrants from certain countries from entering the United States. Trump accused the migrants of spreading terrorism in the United States.

Most of the countries that were included in the executive order were mainly from the Middle East. The ban did not exclude individuals with green cards or visas.

The implementation of the executive order led to gross violation of human, civil, and migrant rights of the individuals involved. Many people were detained in the United States’ airports with no accommodation, food, nor healthcare services.

This situation triggered Americans to come out and protest against the ban, as it was not in line with the ideologies of the United States’ founding fathers. Moreover, several rights groups were involved in the fight for the rights of the detained migrants.

One of the organizations that were actively involved in the fight was the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). According to the information published on USA Today, the group engaged in providing pro-bono legal services to the detainees. The entity filed a lawsuit challenging the executive order. The lawsuit was successful, as the court put a stay on the order. However, the violation of the migrants’ rights did not stop.

Many continued to be detained days after the ruling. In addition to offering legal services, the group sought for food and medical services on behalf of the detainees. ACLU funded these operations courtesy of money raised from an online fundraising campaign that they carried out during the period. According to the group, it received donations from over 350,000 individual donors. Charity groups such as Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund contributed towards the initiative. The total amount collected was well over $24 million.

With most of the migrants affected being Muslims, The Council on American-Islamic Relation (CAIR) actively engaged in the fight for the detainees’ rights. The organization partnered with other rights groups to ensure that the affected persons were all attended to regardless of their religious background. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

CAIR was founded with the objective of fighting against discrimination targeting Muslims in the United States. Other organizations involved in the fight for the migrants detained in the airports were CUNY CLEAR, Families for Freedom, and the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin co-founded Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund a few years ago. The duo uses the charity group to fund organizations advocating for migrant rights, freedom of speech, and civic participation in Arizona.

The fund is headquartered in Phoenix. The corporation has been using $3.75 million that they were awarded by the court as settlement money following their wrongful arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County. Notably, the two journalists are the brains behind Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. They are actively involved in fighting for human rights.

Louis Chenevert Understands the Importance of Investment

The responsibilities of a CEO create challenges for any business-minded individual, and it is further complicated by the volatility of certain markets. Businessman Louis Chenevert has displayed a prime example of how to navigate this type of career, and his impact of the manufacturing industry has contributed to the principles of effective leadership.

Some of the most notable accomplishments of Louis Chenevert took place during his time as CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). The company is a large manufacturing conglomerate that produces goods for the aerospace industry, military, and other markets. As a manufacturer headquartered in the United States, United Technologies Corporation was particularly vulnerable during the economic recession that occurred in the previous decade. Chenevert’s strengths as a business leader were integral in helping UTC to stay successful in struggling markets.

Chenevert made sure that investment remained consistent in UTC’s workforce as well as its other assets. The corporation operates out of Farmington, Connecticut and is subject to some of the higher operating expenses in the country. However, Louis Chenevert advocated keeping UTC in its original location and not cutting corners related to worker rights and employee retention. He also ensured the adherence to environmental regulations and United Technologies’ compliance efforts.

The efforts of Louis Chenevert paid off while he headed up UTC. The $100 billion conglomerate was posting considerable returns compared to its peers at the time, and production continued domestically with additional resources invested into innovative manufacturing equipment and technology. At the present time, UTC leads the market in production of helicopters for use in the United States and has a large presence in the climate control industry. Its current business model and healthy economic status are due in large part to Chenevert’s influence.

Prior to UTC, Louis Chenevert was president of the company’s Pratt and Whitney division that specialized in building jet engines. He also spent over a decade at General Motors in Quebec, Canada and managed its production facility. Accolades that recognize Chenevert’s achievements include the Honor Award from the National Building Museum in 2009 and an honorary doctorate from his former business school. Louis Chenevert is a graduate of the University of Montreal.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea with Dentistry

One of the few things that most people overlook is sleep when it comes to better business reviews. In fact, we are always tempted to assimilate our schedules in a manner that gives us less time for sleep. For those who want to achieve the world while denying themselves enough sleep, they must do it at their peril. This is because no one knows what they can do to achieve better business due to lack of enough sleep. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the dentists in the world who have achieved much as a result of training other people in sleep.

Few people in the world have achieved better business solutions in a manner that depicts their identities. For all who believe that achieving financial stability and achievements, they must always struggle to assimilate better business solutions. Dr. Avi Weisfogel advice that there is no god in spending much of your time awake without enough sleep to end up spending all your money correcting the sleep disorders that develop when you are old. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has seen millionaires coming for sleep disorder treatment and therapies. They end up spending a good amount of their money to reverse of correct these disorders. Dr. Avi Weisfogel advises that a good professional must work to avoid some of these capabilities.

When you lack enough sleep during the night, your eyes will appear puffy full of bloodshot. These are some of the characteristics denoting someone who hasn’t slept enough. Dr. Avi Weisfogel advises that one must engage in enough sleep so that they can have a productive day ahead of them. If you sleep well during the night, you will have an increased capability of achieving most of your solutions at the end of the following day. This is perhaps the reason why most people ignore sleep.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a United States-based dentist who has achieved much for the medical industry when it comes to sleep solutions. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has more than two decades of excellence and professional value towards solving the numerous problems associated with sleep apnea as one of the epidemic diseases in the United States.

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