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Stay in the Know with NewsWatch TV Review

Avanca is a company which has created a Windows 10 PC that is small, lightweight and powerful. The Sirius B Mini PC fits in your pocket and is the same size and shape as a smartphone. It connects to a monitor, and keyboards the same as a traditional unit. In order to effectively market this newest addition to the Ockel Computer line, Avanca needed the power of the media to help spread the word to reach a large audience. Avanca created a fundraising campaign (crowdfunding) on Indiegogo with a goal set at thirty thousand dollars. There was a drawback however, in that the goal must be reached within thirty days for the company to receive any funds from the campaign.

In knowing this, Avanca didn’t want to take any chances in not meeting the deadline so they turned to NewsWatch TV Reviews and hired them to produce a segment lasting one minute to promote the Sirius B Mini PC. The segment was aired nationwide on NewsWatch TV and all NewsWatch channels found online. Hiring NewsWatch TV proved to be a wise decision. Not only did Avanca meet its goal, instead of making $30,000 they made over $456,000. Avanca credits NewsWatch TV with the success of their campaign as more than 200 U.S. Markets and over 96,000 households viewed the segment as a result of the airing.

NewsWatch TV is a media source which provides breaking news in the areas of health, travel, technology, reviews and overall entertainment for consumers, hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison. For the tech savvy, there are reports about features, presented by Chris Vaughn, Amanda Forstrom, Scott Steinberg, Leslie Alston and Eric Forrest. When there is a need to know it’s nice to know there’s NewsWatch TV on AMC and ION Networks.