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Progressive Work of NGP VAN

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., and founded in 1992, NGP VAN has been a leader in providing software products to Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations for over 20 years. Their award-winning services offer the best in fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, and new media products. Thousands of campaigns and organizations have been clients of NGP VAN, including the presidential campaigns of Obama in 2008 and 2012, and Clinton and Sanders in 2016. NGP VAN states a commitment to an integrated, next generation technology that provides their clients with a winning edge.


One example of that technology is the MiniVAN app, which allows candidates to create smarter campaigns based on knowledge of voters. The smartphone app enables canvassers to put voter data directly into the app, which allows manes and contact information to be immediately collected at matches and political rallies. Candidates then have instant access to this data, and can contact and target voters through ads, social media, etc.

In addition to innovative technology, NGP VAN stays true to progressive values within the company. In March, 2018, NGP VAN acknowledged the tremendous value that women of all backgrounds add to their company by participating in the Day Without A Woman. Instead of going to work on this day, the company women volunteered at local charities that support recovery and empowerment of women. This day of celebrating female employees illustrates the importance of women within the company.

NGP VAN also recognizes the importance of the LGBTQ vote, and has developed inclusive software that allows voter demographic data to contain non-binary gender pronouns. This allows donors, supporters, and volunteers to be addressed in an accurate way, This promotion of a more inclusive view of gender is important for progressive campaigns as there are estimated to be more than 10 million LGBTQ voters in the United States.

NGP VAN continues to provide progressive candidates with the technological edge needed to successfully run a campaign. At the same time , a true progressive pattern of inclusiveness and compassion are displayed within the company.

NGP VAN Makes Canvassing More Efficient With New Apps

One of the most important ways to get the vote out is canvassing. For those who don’t know, canvassing is going door to door to persuade people to vote for your candidate but, oftentimes, it can be quite vexing and require a lot of paper. However, NGP VAN has recently released a video showing how you can perform canvassing while not using any paper at all. Katie Crowell is the community manager at NGP VAN and, in the video, she shows users how to use their new app to perform paperless canvassing. She mentions that canvassing typically requires a lot paper, countless hours of data entry and lacks the accountability necessary to be an efficient and effective system. However, the whole landscape of canvassing is now changing thanks to the two newest apps by NGP VAN known as Minivan and Minivan Manager.

These new apps are integrated with Van and enable you to organize your list of constituents. You can then send this list to any smartphone, which will provide you with a virtual map of every house on your route so you know exactly where to go and who to speak with. The app even provides you with a script of what to say and enables you to record people’s responses on the app so you don’t have to worry about losing your valuable information. The app even provides up to the minute updates such as the number of doors knocked on and the total number of canvassers.

It also provides you with the number of constituents your canvassers have contacted and which houses you went to. Thanks to this new app, NGP VAN is making it easier and more efficient than ever to effectively canvass your local neighborhoods and get out the vote to your local area. To find out more or to schedule a consultation with one of the staffers at NGP VAN, you can go to So next time you use the app and are able to effectively perform all the canvassing you’ve set out to accomplish, you can thank NGP VAN for these efficient new apps.