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The Evolution Of Trabuco’s

War and the way that war is waged in others has changed a lot since the beginning of time. Modern technology has allowed for nations to create that put an unexpected twist in the weapons that were used years ago. One weapon that has evolved is the Trabuco. The Trabuco which is a siege weapon was used in war during the Middle Ages. The Trabuco is initially an update that was made to the sling. They needed a more efficient weapon for combat, so they modified the sling and called the new creation of the Trabuco.

During battle, the Trabuco was using to tear down the adversary’s protective barrier which was usually a wall. When the Trabuco was not used to tear down walls, it was used to fire objects over the wall. The Chinese are responsible for creating the Trabuco, but the Europeans are most well-known for using the Trabuco. In the Middle Ages during the Crusades, the Europeans used the Trabuco against their enemies. When the Europeans were using the Trabuco, they had a massive advantage over their opponents because there was no weapon like the Trabuco.


The Trabuco was a lot of work to operate although it was a precious resource for the Europeans during the Crusades according to Managing the Trabuco required for 250 people to load it up. The objects that were fired from the Trabuco weighed over 100 pounds. It took an enormous number of men to load the Trabuco compared to the weapons that are available now. As time passed he Trabuco was upgraded to carry even more substantial weight. Trabuco’s were able to throw stones that weighed a ton or more after the updates were made. The lengths by which the Trabuco traveled also increased with the upgrades that it received over time.

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