Correctional Facilities in United States Say a Big Thank You to Securus Technologies

Securus is a leading provider of technology solutions for civil and criminal justice which improves the safety of the general public. Several correction facilities rely on the security solutions offered by Securus for simple but powerful products which they can rely on. The firm has its headquarter in Dallas, Texas and offers its services to more than 3,400 correction facilities in North America.


Securus is one of the leading providers of detainee communication solutions. The public safety solutions are meant to help law enforcement agencies to consolidate and share information in real time in order to support the arising needs. Securus Technologies is committed to serving the society by providing information management, emergency response, and incident management solutions. It provides a communication solution that allows inmates to connect with friends and families.


Securus Technologies is dedicated to innovation and is continuously evolving to meet the customer needs. So far, Securus is the only full spectrum solutions provider in the market. Many customers are satisfied with the services of Securus and they have aired their opinion to show gratitude to the company. Rick Smith shares some of the comments from the formal letters which Securus receives from prison officials in the United States.


One customer affirms that Securus Technologies is consistently innovative and is at the forefront of coming up with new solutions for them. Another a customer is grateful for the calling platform created by Securus Technologies which ensures that all detainees can contact their friends and families and can still be used as an investigative tool by the officers for investigation in cases of potential threat to the security within the correctional facility and in the community.


The customer is further impressed by the commitment of Securus Technologies to update the investigative tools and come up with solutions for their requests which made their operation more efficient.