Fabletics: A New Way of Life

Fabletics is a brand new clothing brand that has been hitting the shelves of stores all over the world and has been opening the eyes of women who can now wear an outfit that is both stylish as well as comfortable that fits any shape and size of women who are petite, tall, skinny, and curvy. Fabletics is a brand that was created in order to make a clothing versatile in any single occasion whether it be for work or for the gym. The high quality fabric encourages any activity and offers support whether it be running a marathon, working out in a gym, or even doing yoga. The light and breathable fabric is the best part about the product.


Kate Hudson is the founder and the creator of Fabletics because she wanted to create an article of clothing that would support her lifestyle that is always on the go. Kate Hudson is a working mom who understands that it is often difficult to combine style and comfort in the same category. With early hours in the morning, Kate Hudson has created a comfortable and stylish product that can be easily put on in the morning with no fuss as well as the guarantee that each woman that wears the clothing looks great.


Fabletics comes in many different sizes as well as designs. All one has to do in order to get their perfect article of clothing from Fabletics is to take a quiz and to see which type of style best fits not only the activity of each woman, but also their style. Some individuals prefer color over and some individuals prefer a classic look that is sleek any versatile for any activity. With an expert marketing team, Kate Hudson has wanted to market her product as not only a clothing product, but also as a way of life.


Kate Hudson wants to promote an active and healthy lifestyle through the clothes that she has created. As these clothes look good on any woman of any shape or size, women around the world can feel confident and comfortable with what they wear. For the expectations of this company, Fabletics is expected to continue to grow at an exponential rate and is expected to continue to be bought by women who participate in many different activities. Kate Hudson has been able to grow her business and become an inspiration to women.

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  • Emely Jackson

    July 3, 2017

    I think Fabletics can become invasive in what they do and their founder will always make new things happen in the fashion industry. I think it always like that when I rush my essay he does provide the help that I need and I am always grateful for that. Honestly, when I think of what Hudson has made I am wowed by the results.

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