Jeunesse Global Sees Trajectory of Fantastic Growth

When serial entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis decided to retire for the third and final time, they had convinced themselves that, this time, it would be different. But it didn’t take long for the couple to begin feeling the restlessness that comes with being idle for hours each day.

Both Ray and Lewis had been responsible for building dozens of successful businesses over the course of their lives, many of which had been in the health and beauty industry. The couple had long been financially successful, having multiple homes and not needing the money that employment provides.

Yet they still were not able to steer themselves away from the siren call of the business world. At first, their most recent foray into direct marketing began as just a small operation run out of their garage. But before long, the competitive nature of the couple began taking hold. Jeunesse Global was born.

Today, Jeunesse Global is one of the most rapidly expanding direct marketers of health and beauty supplies anywhere in the world. With a huge presence in East Asia, the company has benefited greatly from the increased economic freedom that has begun to take hold in that region of the world. With billions of potential clients across China alone, Jeunesse has not seen the end of its growth.

The company has a portfolio of over a dozen products. Many of these are exclusive to Jeunesse Global, not being available for purchase anywhere except from the company’s certified distributors. The company also represents one of the best business opportunities for those living outside of the developed world. Jeunesse reports that many of its independent business owners are able to make wages that would even be considered excellent by Western standards. Some of its distributors are able to make in excess of six figures per year, even in countries where the average yearly wage is less than most Americans make in a week.

On top of this, Jeunesse has developed one of the best product lines in the business, with patented products that are available exclusively through the company.