Jim Hunt Makes His Millions In A Unique Way

There is a program out there called “Making Mum a Millionaire” that uses just 10 stock trades to become a tax-free billionaire. When you first hear that, you might think the secret is found in earth-shattering knowledge that only the most savvy investing gurus can understand. But it’s actually being put forth by Jim Hunt VTA Publications, a man who is out to make investing and trading easy for laymen to understand. The key behind this program Hunt says, is not executing the trade though that is important, but more so finding the right stocks to do it with. Hunt even says he’s not that ambitious, but just wants to show how simple stock trading can be.

Jim Hunt even sat down with Ideamensch to tell them a little about his life, and what his goals are. Hunt told them he got his idea for his company, VTA Publications when he saw how customers were treated by the big banks. Jim Hunt VTA Publications decided it was time to help them learn how to trade and manage their funds on their own, so his company puts out information about trading and Hunt even has a YouTube channel from which he shares even more insights.

VTA Publications has quite a compilation of financial insights and how-to books, with courses on retirement planning, stock trading, and others. Their course on retirement planning takes information on prnewschannel.com from the bible and shares how that applies to investing and saving for your own retirement. They also have multimedia on learning how to use stock charts and how to execute trades, and even more information in another course about little-known trades and options strategies. Jim Hunt VTA Publications is also well connected with business minds from around the world, and they host seminars where many of these businessmen lecture on important issues.

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  • Neriah Mario

    October 8, 2017

    Hello!! Uplifting news to every one of you. The undisclosed is bring into being in momentous learning that not just the most savoir-faire contributing masters can get it. Is for all and for everyone. It is access to all who needs to get to it, for it is an online production by Jim Hunt. This isn’t same as pay somebody to compose my paper as a few people did at some point back. Is do it without anyone else’s help and appreciate the joy that originates from utilizing your insight to work. im Hunt VTA Publications is additionally all around associated with business minds from around the globe, and they have courses where a large number of these agents address on imperative issues.

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