Kevin Seawright Builds a Strong Reputation for His Successful Career and Business Strategy

When appointed to a new position, it is essential to update your skills and knowledge so that they can match the new task. It was no different for Kevin Seawright when he was appointed as Newark CEDC’s financial and administrative operations professional.

It is among Kevin’s top qualities work hard to increase productivity at his work. Kevin was honored by the University of Notre Dame for having completed the second phase of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Kevin’s completion of the course had been his last step towards getting ready for his new role. When talking about this award, Kevin admitted to having realized the importance of serving actively both in government and public systems. Now that he was on the quest of completing this journey, Kevin could have never been happier.

Two years later, Kevin Seawright remains the financial and administrative operations expert at Newark Economic Development Corporation. All through his career, Kevin has stood up as an outstanding economic strategist.

Crunchbase believes that Kevin Seawright always has new ideas to introduce to the company, all of which work out pretty well. He has managed to attain this by aligning his strategies alongside the current economic and technical organization’s goals. It is his hard work that has won him all the awards and the top company’s position.

Many of Kevin’s achievements have been attained while working at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He has improved employee retention in the company. The move increased the efficiency within the working environment. Before joining NCEDC, Kevin served as the Vice President at the Baltimore city government’s office.

Some of his other achievements include managing $600 million worth of an educational renovation project for schools in Baltimore. The project lasted for three years. All this while, Kevin Seawright did not misappropriate the funds, but instead used them as and when required. He has also managed $134 million yearly operation budget.

Kevin admits that a lot of factors led to his access. They include improving IT proficiency thus making it easier to make reports and remaining a great team player who believes in the importance of strategic plans for successful team management. Kevin does his best to ensure that he approaches issues with maturity and honesty.