Securus Technologies: Charting The Course In Innovative Security Solutions

Innovation is one of the most important aspects that determine the success of a business in the long run. When we hear the term innovation, we immediately think of new inventions and products, but innovation can be as simple as just finding a new way to do something that is already being done.

Innovation is usually the result of creativity and a lot of hard work. An idea in business is considered innovative if it satisfies a need, and can do so without incurring too much expenditure.

Securus Technologies is arguably the most successful and reliable provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. The company provides powerful and affordable technology solutions to numerous prisons and public safety agencies across the country.

The company’s success can be directly attributed to its focus on innovation. The company hires the best designers, engineers, and thinkers, all of whom are tasked with creating new solutions to emerging problems. This has enabled the company always to stay miles ahead of the competition.


Anti-drone Technology

Inmates in correctional facilities are becoming increasingly inventive when it comes to ways of smuggling in contraband. A few years ago, the only way that an inmate could get contraband was if a visitor brought it in, so all the prison guards had to do was conduct a proper search on anyone entering the premises.

Nowadays it is not so simple. The inmates are hiring people on the outside to airlift contraband into the prisons using drones. Drones are too small to spot with the naked eye easily. Making these drops at night in the dark means the guards have no chance of intercepting the deliveries.

Some of the items being smuggled into prisons pose a serious security threat to both prison personnel as well as to the other inmates.

Securus Technologies has stepped in to help the authorities deal with this problem. The company is developing new anti-drone technology that will enable guards to detect drones no matter how small and stealth they may be.

Over the course of the past eighteen months, the company has been using its many partnerships with other technology companies to perform a thorough evaluation of available anti-drone technology.

Securus Technologies clinched three awards at the 2018 edition of the prestigious Stevie Awards for sales and customer service. There were more than two thousand nominations from companies all over the United States and abroad, covering every industry.