The Growth Of The Eucatex Company

The Eucatex Group was founded back in 1951 as a fabricator and manufacturer of flooring and insulation that is exclusively made from eucalyptus fibers. Presently, the company is producing their product to service companies building furniture as well as industrial construction firms. Eucatex is run in two separate divisions, and these include the construction industry and the furniture industry. They manufacture everything from partitions, flooring, doors, and paint to wood fiber furniture that is ideal for homes and businesses.

Flavio Maluf is the current President and CEO of the Eucatex Group. Flavio Maluf merged with the family business in 1987 where he exclusively operated the trade area. He labored in this particular department for several years before moving up to the industrial district of the business in 1996. In the same year as his transition, Flavio Maluf became a member of the Frame Executive corporation after receiving an invitation by his uncle, who was the current President of the company at the time. Exactly one year after his inception into the Frame Executive corporation, an agreement within the family made him President of the company.

After Flavio became the CEO of the Eucatex company, his goal was to modernize every aspect of the industry. He has been responsible for branching out the company’s exports to 37 different countries around the world and revolutionizing the industry in Brazil. This exportation has enabled the Eucatex company to grow tremendously over the years, and this is easily seen when examining available profits and growth margins over the years. The products and company itself have grown by about 30% since 2010.

Eucatex operates a recycling plant that reclaims its wood residue from the eucalyptus fiber products. By utilizing this plant, Eucatex is able to eliminate their impact on the environment by purposefully recycling all of their materials. Companies purchasing the eucalyptus products find them to be more economically-friendly than other merchandise that they can use for projects.

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  • Lylah Augustine

    July 23, 2017

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