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March 2017

The investment legacy that Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer wants to leave behind at the RBS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, who is also commonly known as Duda Melzer is a Brazilian businessman and entrepreneur. He is a grandson to the late founder of the RBS group of companies. According to, he is also the current president and chairman to the company’s board of directors. His company invests in businesses which offer services connected to the digital sector and it has managed to create an influence that spans from their base, the Rio Grande do Sul to other places, such as the United States.

Duda finished his school when he was 26. He studied Business Administration at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. This was followed by an MBA from Harvard. Presently, he is 44 years old and the journey that he has taken to the current position shows how easy it is to continue and even improve on the business legacy that was left behind by others that had a similar vision.

Many of the people that have listened to Eduardo speaking and watched his leadership style state that they are inspired by the fact that he did not really have to invest so deeply in improving themselves, but he did. He states that the business leader that inspires him the most is the American John Davis. John is a professor in Harvard and is also one of the most popular business consultants on the globe. The success and survival of a business from one generation to the next depends on the ability of the leadership of the business to create a clear cut difference between the ‘family’ aspect of the business and the professional.

Duda is also a philanthropist and a family man, besides his business leadership prowess. As he states on his Twitter account, when one is blessed and they do not take the initiative of giving back to society, their success is not worth much.

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The Copa Star Hospital Offers a Modern Facility for Patients

The Copa Star Hospital is among the most conventional medical facilities within Brazil with the $115 million project covering a 10,000 m² building footprint on five floors. The exclusive, comfort and differentiated hospital resembles a 5 class star hotel with privileged location, decoration and architecture. The workers are a selected team of individuals trained in safety, efficiency, agility, and personalized care just committed to your health promoting an experience that goes beyond clients’ expectations.

Copa Star hospital is another modern unit of the D’Or system which has been under construction within Copacabana. But to make sure the hospital sufficiently meets the standards of a modern facility, it will likewise work to give medical coverage. The social insurance for everybody is imperative. And that is precisely what happens when you visit the Copa Star Hospital. From a wide range of pros in the medicinal field, you are ensured of getting all types of treatments from simple to complex ones. The Hospital Copa Star, which will work at the intersection of Joseph Bloch and Figueiredo de Magalhães boulevards with 50% of the facility having been completed by the end of 2016.

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The healing facility will have 150 beds, 45 of ICU plus 105 flats. The stellar unit will likewise have nine rooms for operation practices with a diagnostic place, with all the mechanical pumps that are entitled. Its current engineering and beautification will be the same with a 5-star hotel. That includes the modern Star Cup office in matters of medical equipment robotic medicine & telemedicine, hybrid rooms, smart operating rooms, and neurosurgery rooms incorporated with magnetic resonance equipment.

The best in class innovation of hospital equipment is also part of the modern hospital. In addition, a team of standard FIFA experts will be a piece of the group, which will go into the field soon after the Olympics. It is normal that a healing facility is not exclusively accomplished due to the healing equipment, however for its great help. In that sense, the Copa Star Hospital is designed to work using the modern technology present. Besides, it incorporates modern flows and processes, built with full awareness of patients, their medical assistants, and relatives using international standards. The facility will also entail a multidisciplinary team from well-known specialists some of which will go training before starting their task.

Any individual who feels that the new facility will just acknowledge private patients, who can afford to pay for their services, is not right. Apart from accepting various forms of payment, the Hospital Copa Star will also operate on health strategies with scope covering various services in Rio. For those looking for specific treatment should now feel comfortable as Copa Star Hospital is modern, affordable and tackles various types of medical issues. View the design at RafArquitetura

Jim Hunt Makes His Millions In A Unique Way

There is a program out there called “Making Mum a Millionaire” that uses just 10 stock trades to become a tax-free billionaire. When you first hear that, you might think the secret is found in earth-shattering knowledge that only the most savvy investing gurus can understand. But it’s actually being put forth by Jim Hunt VTA Publications, a man who is out to make investing and trading easy for laymen to understand. The key behind this program Hunt says, is not executing the trade though that is important, but more so finding the right stocks to do it with. Hunt even says he’s not that ambitious, but just wants to show how simple stock trading can be.

Jim Hunt even sat down with Ideamensch to tell them a little about his life, and what his goals are. Hunt told them he got his idea for his company, VTA Publications when he saw how customers were treated by the big banks. Jim Hunt VTA Publications decided it was time to help them learn how to trade and manage their funds on their own, so his company puts out information about trading and Hunt even has a YouTube channel from which he shares even more insights.

VTA Publications has quite a compilation of financial insights and how-to books, with courses on retirement planning, stock trading, and others. Their course on retirement planning takes information on from the bible and shares how that applies to investing and saving for your own retirement. They also have multimedia on learning how to use stock charts and how to execute trades, and even more information in another course about little-known trades and options strategies. Jim Hunt VTA Publications is also well connected with business minds from around the world, and they host seminars where many of these businessmen lecture on important issues.

Financing Oil Expansion

Many people today are excited about the changes that are taking place in Mexico. Not only is the economy getting better, but oil production is up greatly. If you want to learn how to build on that for the future, Cotemar is a great company to model yours after. Cotemar specializes in supplying various oil parts to companies in a number of areas. If you are ready to start investing for the future, looking at what your customers need is essential. The company is also looking at new technology and innovation to try and drive down costs in a number of areas. If you want to figure out how to make more profits in a number of areas, this is a great way to get started in business.




There are a lot of oil companies within the industry. However, few have the foresight that Cotemar does. This is a company that is always looking for ways to take their management principles and production to the next level. With the higher demand for oil from Mexico, this is more important than ever before. There are many people who are excited about the changes that are taking place in the oil industry. The great thing for Cotemar is that they are a leader within the industry and have the capacity to deal with more issues here. That is why so many oil companies look to Cotemar for help in times of need.


Balance Sheet


Unlike a lot of oil servicing companies, Cotemar has a strong balance sheets with little debt. This is a huge benefit that can be credited to forward thinking from management. If you want to start investing in the future, you can do so when you work with a company like Cotemar. There are many people who are starting to look at this company as a leader within the industry. In the last economic collapse, a lot of oil companies went out of business because they took on too much debt. This is a great reason to have a strong balance sheet while operating the business. As the economy gets better, a lot of companies end up getting too confident and end up taking on too much debt that will eventually restrict the cash flow that goes in.


Final Thoughts


Overall, Cotemar is a great company in the Mexican oil drilling market. They have innovation and financing to drive growth in the future.

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Fabletics: Plying Successfully in Amazons Waters

To say that the fashion and clothing world is a crowded one, would be an understatement. What with all the stores, and individual brands out there, choosing the garment can be confusing as heck. This is especially true with the advent of e-commerce. Shoppers habits changed thus. Now it’s not unusual for someone to go and try something out at a brick-and-mortar store, only to go online and buy it at a different store! Therefore, it’s not surprising that Online shopping behemoth Amazon has clinched nearly 20% of the fashion market, by some estimates! So how does a company get started and become successful in such a scenario? Well, there is always the reverse showroom method.


There was a time when price and quality went a long way to get customer loyalty. This approach worked back in the “good old day’s” when brick and mortar stores ruled the earth. Now the scenario is all about fancy terms such as “brand recognition”, “customer experience” and “last mile service”. This is where a company such as Fabletics is going against the grain and succeeding. Founded by screen actress Kate Hudson in 2013, the company has already grown to become a serious contender against Amazon! Fabletics is worth nearly $250 million and growing! They do this with a process called the reverse showroom method.


The concept behind the reverse showroom method is very simple. The customer has the choice of either visiting one of Fabletics brick and mortar stores, or go online to purchase. Once the customer goes online, they have a choice to become a member, which is renewed every month. Once they become a member, they can take advantage of huge discounts. This benefit extends to when the customer shows up at the physical store. Not a member? No problem. When visiting the store the customer has the opportunity to become an online member as well!


When Fabletics first started the business, many people were skeptical about the company setting up actual physical stores. But “nothing succeeds like success” as an old proverb goes, and this seems to be the case for Fabletics. Membership is based on certain metrics, mainly, body types. After all, we are all different, physically speaking, and during the application process the customer can put in metrics such as exercise habits, body mass. The products themselves are of good quality, made with thick enough fabric that will last. The athletic clothing is known to have good compression (which is what holds everything in place) without color fading issues.


We can talk about quality all day, but what about styling? After all, it’s half the reason why people wear what they wear. Fabletics has it in spades. Whether the customer is into more conservative styles or bold and flashier clothing, Fabletics delivers. Overall the company enjoys a high satisfaction rate for value for money. To get the same level of quality customers would have to pay substantially more at another store.