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June 2018

Jeff Yastine Predicts Trouble for Amazon, Offers Banyan Readers Precious Insight

According to investment guru Jeff Yastine Amazon may be primed for disaster. In a recent article written or Banyan Hill Publishing, Yastine recounted how certain trends may spell disaster for the virtual giant. Over the years Amazon has become a force to be reckoned with, credited with the closures of major businesses. In many cases such closers occurred because of bad business practices by the companies themselves, but Amazon helped. Last year 26 major retailers had to file for bankruptcies. This is bad for a country that prides itself on free trade. Amazon’s platform business creates too good of an advantage. It also practices in predatory pricing, this has given Amazon dominance, but also leaves it wide open to antitrust charges. This is the trend Jeff Yastine has his eye on. Should antitrust charges leverage against Amazon the internet company could be in a world of hurt. The result would be a massive ripple through investment markets. Very good for the few who plan ahead. Follow Jeff on twitter.

Jeff Yastine is one of many experts who serve on Banyan Hill’s venerable panel. His unique expertise allows insight into a certain part of the market, allowing him to help everyday investors bring in bigger returns. Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider, a newsletter he writes for Banyan. It offers articles of actionable advice for would-be investors, in keeping with Banyan’s goal of granting financial freedom to its readers. Yastine certainly knows what he is talking about, like all of Banyan’s experts he is at the top of his specific niche.

Jeff Yastine is a widely known journalist and news anchor. He has received Emmy-nominations for both posts, covering some of the biggest financial developments to occur in the last few decades. As an investor himself he has two decades of experience in the stock market. His work as a financial newsman have afforded him the ability to anticipate trends and understand the financial repercussions from certain events occurring. He is able to offer his readers safe and dependable investments in companies guaranteed to bring profit. He is also able to offer them current information to keep them ahead of the game.

His article on Amazon could lead many readers to invest in other retail companies, companies that would stand gains if Amazon suffered setbacks. It could also lead investors in Amazon to sell their stock before an anticipated fall.



Matt Badiali, the seer who can tell the future of the markets

Matt Badiali’s curiosity for the way the earth is structured started at an early age and by the time he was done with high school he already knew what he would become, a geologist. He got admitted into Penn state university where he did his bachelor’s degree in the sciences that pertained matters to do with the Earth’s structure. He did not stop there as he continued on to Florida Atlantic University and got a master’s of science focusing on geology. He delved deeper into the subject at the University of North Carolina where he was pursuing his PhD. But in 2004 he was introduced to the financial world. His friend who also held a PhD roped him into the industry after recognizing the immense skill set that he possessed as a result of his passion in his line of work. He was right and got him to focus on providing investment advice to the average investor who does not have the talents that he has. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase.

Those who followed Matt Badiali’s advice have since profited from his market predictions up to double or triple their investment. He is a natural especially when it comes to the natural resource segment of the market making predictions ahead of potential market moves. For instance, not everybody believed that oil prices would shoot after two consecutive years with the commodity posting dismal performance. It made it hard for the public to believe him especially after one hundred and fifteen oil companies were declare bankrupt. In his article he attributed this to the abundance of oil caused by the shaling revolution that had gripped America. As expected Matt Badiali’s prediction came true which also saw his analysis of the rally in the S&P 500 pan out rising 30 % over the two years.

Matt Badiali then came out with insightful advice which pointed to the gaining of oil. According to him, this was due to the combination of the overwhelming performance posted by the S&P 500 as well as the negative sentiment that had clouded oil that would propel its climb. Tue to his word this year it rose 45% more than it ever did and an accumulative 145 %backdated to the year 2016. In June this year, he yet again advised on investing in publicly traded companies for ‘freedom checks’ that were going to be distributed due to the tax breaks that had been implemented this year. Matt Badiali was right once again and saw checks as high as $160,923 being handed out to individuals. With his impressive record, I’d bet my dollar that he is the man to watch if a person ever considers investing in the markets. Learn More:


Jeff Yastine Helping People Invest Successfully In The Stock Market

Investing in the stock market is not something that everyone can do successfully. One has to be financially aware and know what is going on in the stock as well as the global financial markets. Many factors affect and influence the stock markets, starting from the global economy to the current market trends. The political scenario can also drastically impact the stock market at times. Jeff Yastine is regarded as one of the most prominent stock market investors in the United States and has a considerably sized portfolio in the stock market. One of the specialties of Jeff Yastine that has helped him bag the position among some of the top stock market analysts in the financial industry is his ability to pick the penny, and mid-cap stocks that he believes would be growing in value soon. In most of the cases in the past few years, the predictions of Jeff Yastine have come true. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

Jeff Yastine shares his in-depth knowledge of the stock market with the people as the regular contributor to two of the most popular financial newsletters by Banyan Hill Publishing, namely Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. These are the two newsletters where Jeff shares his knowledge of the stock market and current market trends with the readers. He even shares the guidelines and tips on how to invest successfully and profitably in the stock market. Jeff was associated with PBS for nearly two decades where he hosted the Nightly Business Reports. It was one of the most watched business news shows at the time and was viewed in almost a million household.

During his time with PBS, Jeff Yastine was fortunate to have met some of the leading personalities from the world of business and the stock market, including Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and more. Meeting these highly qualified and successful businessmen and investors gave him the better understanding of the financial markets and helped him understand the intricacies of investment. It is this knowledge that he shares with the people today as the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the editor of the popular newsletter named Total Wealth Insider that helps people pick the stocks that he is confident would be growing going forward. There is a particular analytical method that he has been able to devise over the years that he uses now to identify stocks that are primed for growth. Read:



Paul Mampilly Guru Always Leading to Greater Things

Financial Technology & Energy-generating Companies

Paul Mampilly gave his stock picks for 2018 recently and also recommends holding on to them for a while longer an not lose all your gains right away. Paul Mampilly predicts that there will be more good investing to come this year. Two markets he felt strong about are financial technology and energy-generating companies.

Big trending companies in energy, financial and medical sector are set to return large returns. Paul Mampilly that these larger stocks could be the answer to the long-term growth investors are wanting. Also promising are financial tools using blockchain tech, AI, and artificial intelligence structure. Watch Paul on youtube.


The introduction of IoT beginning around 2002 introduced a while new world of technology that connects things which are connected thru the internet. The IoT business is set to go from $655.8B in 2017 to $1.7T in 2020. Paul Mampilly says IoT will more than double in business in less than two years. Everything from being able to log on to your computer from another location to wirelessly being able to set the lights in your house. Doctors are able to check a patients pulse and heart rate from the Apple Phone.

Some of the companies that are making big strides in IoT technology are Google, Siera Wireless, and Skillworks Solutions, according to Paul Mampilly. IoT companies need to be looked at squarely and when they show promise huge profit could be available to the savvy investor.

Paul “Guru” Mampilly

After graduating from Fordham University in 1991 Guru Mampilly established himself as a portfolio manager first for Bankers Trust. After weaving in and out over several years at legal first he ended up as a hedge fund manager at Kinetics Asset Management. Guru Mampilly is the recipient of the prestigious Templeton Foundation Award.

Presently the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, since 2016, where he is the editor of three newsletters that give investment advice to investors who are making their own investment advice. He has more than 90K subscribers to his financial newsletters: Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes.

Volunteer & Causes Work

Paul “Guru” Mampilly has worked at various causes around New York City: Coalition for the Homeless, Big Brother Big Sisters, Volunteer Teacher.

Templeton Award

In 2008-2009 Paul “Guru” Mampilly opened a private account in a competition for the prestigious Templeton Foundation. He was the winner of the competiiton with a 76% return on his investments.



FlavioMaluf Talks about Major Tax Incentives and their Benefits

In Brazil, most start-ups fail because of cash flow issues. Likewise, 82% of most businesses are funded by the owners or family and friends. The two facts indicate that entrepreneurs must take advantage of every opportunity that legs up as a financial docket. With that said, the tax season is always draining the pockets of entrepreneurs not only because of the confusion it comes with but also the high burdens imposed on entrepreneurs. It has become increasingly impossible to determine who should be charged or how much should be charged. However, one fact still holds a strong position in the industry; that the Brazilian tax season should be revisited especially for the sake of entrepreneurs who need an incentive. Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

Background Information

Flavio Maluf, a famous entrepreneur who hails from Brazil, talks about the Brazilian taxes and how they have affected entrepreneurs. He states that most entrepreneurs cannot substantiate their profits because they have to part with hefty amounts in the form of tax.

Supporting Tax Incentives

Maluf is very supportive of the Fiscal Incentive Laws. He says that this is the significant way towards boosting businesses and allowing entrepreneurs to reclaim their loss as, through more savings, they will be better positioned to invest in research programs, health programs, social and technological advances. To be candid about it, he adds, entrepreneurs, do not have to evade tax in any way. Instead, the money they have been spending on the government should be directed to useful projects that will, in turn, empower the community. That way, it will be a win-win situation for entrepreneurs and the government.

Looking into the Benefits

Maluf is also keen on observing that the tax incentives may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, and he reiterates, this is going to be a revolutionary move that will support many businesses especially by expanding their territories and creating stronger operating platforms.

Why is FlavioMaluf?

Flavio Maluf has been in the industry of entrepreneurship for some time. He is the chief financial officer of the famous Eucatex Company. Because this firm deals in the manufacture of construction materials and is one of the best in Brazil, Maluf has always been challenged to offer competitive services. View:

Leader, Innovator & Futurist: OSI Group

The foodservice industry is more than just harvesting a few fruits and berries. This particular industry actually fuels the entire economy to some degree. Neighborhood supermarkets, restaurants, schools and national grocery outlets depend of the food service industry. Modern-day food providers are everywhere in society, but all are not the same. Have you ever heard of the foodservice-giant OSI Group? More than likely, you probably haven’t heard about it, but you’ve probably benefited from it at one time or another. OSI Group, a global leader in wholesale foods, is a marquee name when it comes to this particular subject and here is why.

This company is literally a giant in physical size. OSI has surpassed 20,000 employees, it has facilities in more than 16 countries, and its facilities are totaled at 65. It would be extremely hard trying to find a bigger and better food provider than this. Onions, fritters, tomatoes, soups, chili, cooked sausage links, pizza, hotdogs, beef patties, steak, chicken nuggets, desserts, panini, flatbread, turkey products, cucumbers, cheese, cookies, chicken fried steak and many more items are being produced on a daily basis. OSI group has state-of-the-art facilities, including test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary-innovation centers. Some of the most technologically advanced equipment is being used on a consistent basis. The company has a well-trained team of R&D specialists, and these individuals have real-world knowledge in global cuisines.

OSI Group has a superior supply chain that extends from coast-to-coast. The company does a wonderful and efficient job of distributing the products worldwide. When it comes to creation, OSI even specializes in custom-food production. The client will be able to implement specific specifications while working with the R&D specialists. This action guarantees the client of the best possible end-product. OSI Group is simply winning in the game of life, and it’s winning by outperforming all others who work in this demanding field.

About OSI Group:

Meet Dr. Saad Saad one of New Jersey’s revolutionary medical practitioners

Dr. Saad Saad is an exemplary doctor who can risk his life to save victims of dangerous circumstances. Dr. Saad Saad has shown beyond reasonable doubt that he is a brave and morally upright doctor who will do whatever he can in his might to better the lives of his patients.


Dr. Saad Saad has brought a grim pad shift in the field of medical science which has a lot of quacks. News about doctors who defraud their patients has bombarded our media. Patients with no bucks are subjected to the risk of receiving poor quality services. But Dr. Saad is sufficient proof that even amidst such chaos there are still few medical practitioners left who value life over money and will offer quality services at no cost.


Experience and Prowess of Dr Saad Saad


Dr. Saad Saad received the best medical knowledge and had developed his expertise to overcome the difficult tasks that come with being a pediatric surgeon. Dr. Saad also doubles up as a physician; he has been recognized by a multitude of patients to be exceptionally good and stunning in taking care of his patient’s health.


During his extensive career the renowned doctor has come up with several medical inventions and methods that have been put to use by doctors in the same field helping them to perform their tasks practically and efficiently. Examples of Dr. Saad’s creations are the Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device and suction or irrigation apparatus. The two have turned out to be the most skillful in surgery career.


According to the Medical Daily Times, Dr. Saad has been able to retain several patents for his surgical and medical inventions. Dr. Saad has shown his kindness towards a lot of poverty-stricken children in his medical mission in the Holyland by giving complicated surgeries for free. During an interview with Medical Daily Times, Dr Saad mentioned that the reason for coming up with his innovations was the necessity gap that was available at that time. Dr. Saad is, therefore, applauded as a person who comes up with innovative solutions when they are needed the most.


Dr. Saad’s extraordinary endeavors to ensure that people’s pain is no more and their distress addressed has and is always appreciated. Dr Saad Saad practising for over 40 years, has achieved a lot in pediatric surgical procedures in addition to the fact that he has accomplished much more in the internal and external medical environment.


More About Dr Saad Saad


Dr Saad Saad is well-known as the surgeon at Eatontown, New Jersey. Dr. Saad has embellished his excellent name by serving multiple hospitals in various areas in New Jersey. A few examples of the hospitals he has worked for include the famous Monmouth Medical Center and Jersey Shore University Medical Center. It’s also cardinal to note that Dr. Saad is one of the listed surgeons in the hospitals that have executed a variety of medical insurance. Learn more:

Ian King Introduces Banyan Hill Readers to the Cryptocurrency Market

Banyan Hill Publishing prides itself on offering the advice Wall Street does not. Armed with a distinct panel of successful investment experts the independent website is dedicated to offering prime advice to every day Americans. Banyan focuses on small-cap stocks, natural resources, mid-cap stocks, commodities, options plays, undervalued properties, and income-producers. Each individual market has an expert attached to it, and each expert edits their own unique magazine chock full of advice. Formed in 1998 as the Sovereign Society, Banyan rebranded itself in 2016. Since then it has kept current with the fluctuating markets, offering relevant and actionable advice to all its readers. For those interested in the exciting new world of virtual asset trading, Banyan has cryptocurrency expert Ian King. Ian King has been a successful trader, investor, and crypto expert for years, and offer actionable advice on how to find success in the digital coinage market. Follow Ian on Twitter.

Cryptocurrency came into focus during the Bitcoin boom. A boom which saw the digital currency rally at 1,400%. Since then a multitude of eyes have been watching the market to see what else develops. Although digital assets have been around for a while, mostly restricted to the gaming market, their use as a viable exchange medium is being considered more and more. Many still have a hard time wrapping their head around how virtual currency works. Ian King discovered cryptocurrency when he left Wall Street, choosing to try his hand in venture investing. A former hedge fund manager, Ian King achieved a 339% return in 2008 for Peahi Capital. His work for Banyan offers readers insight into the crypto market. They learn how to navigate it, invest, protect their investment, and are introduced to IIan King’s three-part strategy for picking winning trends. Ian King edits the Crypto Profit Trader and is a weekly contributor to Sovereign Investor Daily. Read more:


The Spirited Businessman and Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Born in Schaffhausen mike grew up and took his studies seriously he managed to graduate at his university level with the masters in business administration. He later got his second degree from the University of Berne and believed that all this time he was an entrepreneur in his heart and was always determined to make it out of life as a successful businessman. Mike got a job as a banker where he worked hard with lot of determination for so many years advising most of the wealthiest people on venturing into investment opportunities that are termed to be more profitable.

Baur rose up to high ranks due to his amazing skills and ambitions and this enabled him to catch the attention of many companies that later offered him good deals. The love for the banking industry was so strong for Mike but after working for so many years as a banker he decided to quit so that he could venture into entrepreneurship and satisfy his quench. This was a dynamic change to Mike Baur and he was so determined to make it out as a successful entrepreneur. Mike believed that there are changes in the economic environment so he took a risk in starting his own company Swiss Startup Factory with his partner.

Mike Baur Company was started with the aim of helping entrepreneurs make their business successful and also help with financial planning to the upcoming entrepreneurs who want to expand on their businesses. The many years that Mike worked in the banking industry had shaped and taught him well on the daily challenges that entrepreneurs face so this was not a problem to him together with his partner. Baur built a good relationship with his customers over the years and this enabled his company to rise to high levels and currently, it is ranked number one company that is privately financed in Switzerland. The adequate knowledge that mike acquired in the banking industry made him to smoothly run his company and above all, he believes that as an entrepreneur you need to be adaptable to changes and be able to take risks so that you can make a success in your business.


Alex Pall: A Musical Visionary

In an article from Interview Magazine, the popular DJ duo The Chainsmokers discuss where they came from, fame, and the routes they plan to go to keep impressing their fans. The duo released their song “Closer” that features recording artist Halsey as well. The article discusses how this song was different due to the fact that this song marked the first time that The Chainsmokers actually sung in one of their own pieces. Andrew Taggart recorded some lyrics on this huge hit song showing that the duo is in fact very versatile.

Allan Pall goes on to mention in the article that he started DJing around New York City doing smaller side gigs because it was something he was so passionate about. He started to feel that his passion was leading him to what he wanted to keep doing as a career. Pall’s manager introduced him to Taggart and the rest is history. Both men shared the same drive and passion and the two began working together immediately.

Pall mentions in the article how him and Taggart spent hours everyday trying to build a identity for what they were both so passionate about. Both men began to study what worked and what didn’t work around them musically and really tried to encompass a specific route that they wanted to go in their careers. They wanted people to relate to their work and really connect with their music. Pall explains how The Chainsmokers have become much more popular than they could have ever dreamed of. They want to keep people interested and keep incorporating new things into their work.

Pall talks about how Instagram shows the diversity of people they are reaching and how incredible it is. All age groups and different ethnicities are connecting with their music and it is a special thing. They are happy to know that they are connecting with so many different people in the world and that their music has such a big voice. Pall explains that they are going to continue to push themselves and grow so that they can keep connecting on a deep level with their fans. The duo wants to keep giving their fans new and unique experiences as told through their music.

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