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July 2018

Accomplishments of David McDonald in OSI Group

David McDonald graduated in 1987 from Lowa State University with a degree in animal science and was awarded the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. OSI Group hired McDonald as a project manager. At a young age , he developed an interest in agriculture after working on partent’s farm.David McDonald currently serves as the president and the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group LLC. Before his current role at OSI Group, David Mcdonald served as the OSI Industries Project Manager. Additionally, he is the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. McDonald is among the board of directors members of OSI Group. It was listed among the best company by FORBES in 2011

OSI Group is a privately owned company that supplies foodservice markets, quick-service restaurants, and retail outlets in the region of Asia Pacific. The headquarters of OSI is Aurora, Illinois. Since 1909, OSI Group has shown dedication to quality client experience and manufacturing an innovative food product.

With a focus on development and research, OSI’s production plants and test kitchens have brought numerous popular foods to the market. McDonald played a significant role in the OSI Group flagship acquisition. He has worked with the logistics team to sustain OSI Group on top of the international foodservice industry. McDonald’s position in local supplier, marketers as well as governmental agencies enables things to move smoothly. David McDonald can handle technical issues thus assists OSI Group to establish dynamic partnerships and the development of products that are culturally sensitive to exceed client expectations and enjoy maximum levels of profits during the early stages of its work in new markets. McDonald profoundly understands the OSI Group goals and vision that helps them be flexible enough to take any opportunity of business as it arises. David McDonald helps the employees maintain high-quality standards and exemplifies OSI Group reputation for handling staff and clients alike.


Supports the Dallas Women’s Foundation Luncheon

Nexbank Supports the Dallas Women’s Foundation Luncheon

The world is experiencing an economic downturn and many people are left wondering whether financial institutions are capable of providing viable income opportunities and ideas for them. Reeling from significant financial losses coupled with expensive litigations, people are seeking help from different financial institutions. But some of the firms have not recovered from the 2008 market crash that affected the entire state. In such times, it becomes important for citizens to rely on a financial services provider with good profit margins and favourable liquidity. Nexbank is one such company. It is located in Dallas, Texas and offers commercial services irrespective of the turbulent market.

Company Profile

Founded in 1934, the company provides commercial banking services including mortgages, capital, as well as final advisory. One of its successes is the ability to cut down its nonperforming assets while increasing the asset growth. As such, the company has become a leading service provider in financial services. The resulting value of assets has attracted many investors thereby keeping the economy afloat. Today, the firm’s asset value is about 44%.


The shrewd asset management extends to different areas of operations like loans and equity. The bank has also realized its profits in the global financial market. This is indicative of excellent management as well as stability. Coupled with experienced staff, the bank has contributed to the development of the economy thereby attaining a five star. The certification is also something to look at when pinpointing banks that have successfully survived the economic recession.

Supporting the Community

Nexbank is always on the forefront of community development. Recently, it announced its interest in supporting the Dallas Women’s Foundation by sponsoring their luncheon. Through a gift voucher of $100,000, the organization supported women in their economic quest. The event was held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel situated in Dallas. It featured various keynotes like Dr. Hope Jahren , a scientist and author.

The Event and Observation

Annually, Dallas Women’s Foundation hosts the luncheon with over 1,300 civic attendees and community leaders. It is the region’s leading event and brings forth economic growth. Nexbank has supported additional events including the $20 million equity capital raise channelled towards general corporate purposes.

Investing in Natural Resources with Matt Badiali

The ultimate goal of everyone is to invest our money and multiply our resources. However, the ideas that people have are limited. For instance, few people know anything about investing in natural resources. Banyan Hills Publishing has Matt Badiali on their team to educate their readers on the natural resources investment.

The information that he offers is valuable and valid thanks to his rich academic education. Matt Badiali has a B.S. in earth sciences from Penn State University. He also attended Florida Atlantic University where he acquired a Master of Science in geology. This is not all, he spent half a decade at the University of North Carolina, studying for his PhD. It is during this time that he met a learned acquaintance who introduced him to finance. Visit to know more.

The friend wanted them to collaborate and help advice the average citizen in the investment world. The finance friend felt Matt Badiali’s knowledge of natural resources could be indispensable in the process. When doing this, Badiali kept his father in mind because he had watched him struggle trying to make ends in entrepreneurship.

In 2017, he launched his newsletter; Real Wealth Strategist, with the Banyan Hills Publishing. He has gained a very big audience within a short time, which reflects his expertise in the sector. He says that the skills needed to understand the investment of natural resources and metals is unusual, and one requires a vast knowledge. He was inspired by his education background, which is a perfect combination. He was also passionate and excited to help the average members of the society live a more fulfilling life financially.

The natural resources investment is speculative and highly cyclical. One cannot understand and offer advice on the matter based on theory, at least that is what Matt Badiali believes. He researches but at the same time; he says that he believes one cannot write about something he has not seen. Fortunately, he travelled the world as a Geology student. When he has to write about a sector he has not visited before, he plans a trip and gets to the mine before writing about it. By doing so, he is sure that what he offers to his clients is authentic.

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Progressive Work of NGP VAN

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., and founded in 1992, NGP VAN has been a leader in providing software products to Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations for over 20 years. Their award-winning services offer the best in fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, and new media products. Thousands of campaigns and organizations have been clients of NGP VAN, including the presidential campaigns of Obama in 2008 and 2012, and Clinton and Sanders in 2016. NGP VAN states a commitment to an integrated, next generation technology that provides their clients with a winning edge.


One example of that technology is the MiniVAN app, which allows candidates to create smarter campaigns based on knowledge of voters. The smartphone app enables canvassers to put voter data directly into the app, which allows manes and contact information to be immediately collected at matches and political rallies. Candidates then have instant access to this data, and can contact and target voters through ads, social media, etc.

In addition to innovative technology, NGP VAN stays true to progressive values within the company. In March, 2018, NGP VAN acknowledged the tremendous value that women of all backgrounds add to their company by participating in the Day Without A Woman. Instead of going to work on this day, the company women volunteered at local charities that support recovery and empowerment of women. This day of celebrating female employees illustrates the importance of women within the company.

NGP VAN also recognizes the importance of the LGBTQ vote, and has developed inclusive software that allows voter demographic data to contain non-binary gender pronouns. This allows donors, supporters, and volunteers to be addressed in an accurate way, This promotion of a more inclusive view of gender is important for progressive campaigns as there are estimated to be more than 10 million LGBTQ voters in the United States.

NGP VAN continues to provide progressive candidates with the technological edge needed to successfully run a campaign. At the same time , a true progressive pattern of inclusiveness and compassion are displayed within the company.

Productivity Habits To Develop From Robert Deignan

There is more to success than coming up with a good idea that is going to change the industry. One thing that people need to do in order to succeed in their careers is be as productive as they can. There are many different ways to be productive. However, it is up to the individual to find a way that he is going to be the most productive and develop productivity habits. One thing that helps for many entrepreneurs is to be organized. The best way to be organized is to organize everything according to one’s strengths. This can help maximize the productivity for the day.


Examples of productivity habits is found in the life and career of Robert Deignan. He has a routine that gets his day going. One of the first things he talks about is believing in what he is doing. This is one of the most important ways for people to be productive. Another thing Robert Deignan does which keeps him productive is look at an analyze data. Another thing he mentions is time management which is a very important task. Robert talks about being careful about any activity that time is spent on. For Robert Deignan to spend time on something, it has to make sense and be important to moving forward for his business.


Robert Deignan says that while ideas and assumptions are okay to move forward on, the most important thing to go by is the numbers. According to him, the numbers do not lie. Therefore, numbers are worth paying the most attention to. With special attention paid to the numbers, Robert can make the needed adjustments to make sure business is operating at its best. Robert understands that knowing how to read numbers is important to moving forward in any company and industry.

Herbalife Nutrition Gives Back to the Community

Healthy nutrition is one of the most crucial necessities in human existence. Diet has become one of the major concerns when it comes to talking about human health. There a lot of disorders and diseases that has come up due to poor nutrition. As a result, there have been entrepreneurs who have anise for new opportunities and whenever there is an issue in the market they can come up with ways in which they can solve them. There are a significant number of companies that are there to ensure that they improve human nutrition to make sure that they carry out their daily activities smoothly without health complications.

Well, Herbalife nutrition is one f these companies. It is a global nutrition company that was started a significant number of years ago. The company has been able to establish it’s self in the market thus having an increased number of market shares. This does not just come automatically since there are efforts that it has been able t put to ensure its survival in the market.

For a company to popularize itself in the world market or simply in the community, one of the most crucial things to do is to launch separate philanthropies to give back to the community. This has duo benefits. One of the benefits goes to the city to whom it is supporting and secondly, the company also enjoys an advantage of building itself a good name that in turn helps to expand its market.

In its efforts to give back to the community, Herbalife supports its foundation known as the Herbalife Family Foundation that aims at providing nutrition requirements to needy children in the world. It also sponsors a significant number f world athletes, various events, and teams around the world. It focuses on such issues as personal care products, fitness, and energy and weight management among others.

Just the other day, Herbalife Nutrition announced its fantastic deal to sponsor Jonathan dos Santos who is an LA Galaxy Midfielder as well as a member of Mexican National Team. He has been a nutrition partner of the company for a significant number of years after he joined sports with his brother. He says that he is pleased with his partnership with Herbalife Nutrition because he knows and understands well the needs of healthy nutrition as an athlete. Herbalife Nutrition also offers sponsorships for sports nutrition education among others to create awareness about the importance of balanced food in a human body.

Sightsavers’ Lessons For Improvement

After the initial pilot program targeting improved services for the disabled and women. Sightsavers came away with many lessons that will help them improve their services and offer them on a larger scale. Inclusion is the key to offer a larger spectrum of support services.


Educating all partners, community members and workers is key to improving services to a larger group of services offered than ever before. This is an exciting take away for Sightsavers. The disabled will have easier access to buildings; changes will come through the education of partner hospitals, workers, community members. Once people learn what the needs are of their patient’s changes to structures and types of service will be acknowledged and completed at a swift rate. In turn the surrounding community will benefit.


Gathering leaders who understand the sensitive needs of the disabled and the importance of services for women are extremely important to the issue. Sightsavers can only be as effective as their leaders and members. It is exciting to consider the improvements to services that can be made with an educated and willing team.


Finances will play a crucial role in improvement of services that Sightsavers will be providing to communities. Education for the all involved will open a pathway for much needed funds to be collected. After all understanding the issues and being sensitive to the plight of the disabled and of women will bring a willingness to assist in the improvement of Sightsavers services and to broaden the availability of services to an often ignored part of the population.


Sightsavers has many years in the field of offering much needed eye care to communities that otherwise would not have it. The pilot program of providing care to marginalized group was a valuable learning experience and has opened the doors to providing more care to an even larger part of the population. With education and understanding the Sightsavers may be able to one day serve many more countries.