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Randal Nardone of the Fortress Investment Group motivates others to succeed

Randal Nardone of the Fortress Investment Group is an entrepreneur with an exceptional story that can shape the thinking of most upcoming entrepreneurs. In various forums, he has been regarded as someone who has built his business and has become a billionaire through his efforts. He has worked hard to gain his fortune from nothing, but today he is someone who has accumulated a lot of wealth by engaging in business endeavors. He has developed excellent skills and uses them to develop a business and compete with other entrepreneurs. Many have been admiring his way of working, and they have learned a lot from the billionaire who is always humble and ready to help others. Randal Nardone is a modern entrepreneur who has changed the business world, and he has contributed a lot to the development of the financial sector. That is why he is respected by many entrepreneurs who know the work he has been doing.

Randal is different from other entrepreneurs in that he is always ready to help those who want to succeed. He is an open financial expert, and those who have come seeking his help have found him one of the best sources of advice. He gives his supreme knowledge to those who are willing to learn because he also wants them to succeed. When it comes to collaborating with other business executives, he is also ready to work with them. He is also willing to learn from others who have shown outstanding performance in their operations. For example, he has been working with other great individuals like Wes Edens and Peter Briger. He brings a unique innovation at the Fortress Investment Group, and he is regarded as an exceptional leader.

The successful entrepreneurs have been running the company with the help of Randal Nardone. He has been around for several years since the company started. He is also credited with starting the Fortress Investment Group in 1998 with others. The company has been in existence since then, and it has contributed to the development of the investment world. It is one of the most renowned firms when it comes to asset management. It has built its reputation on the international arena. Fortress Investment Group has been serving individuals, small businesses and large corporations. They have been performing well in the area of mergers and acquisition.


Ted Bauman’s Guide to Protect Your Investment from an Unexpected Stock Market Crash

Stock trading is one of the most uncertain ventures. In one occasion, the stock prices rise to their highest, and in the next minute, they fall to their lowest. If you are a less experienced investor, this uncertainty will end up exhausting your financial wells rather than generating a profit. Nevertheless, if you are already dispirited, don’t give up. Ted Bauman’s expert tips will help you safeguard your investment portfolio from an unexpected market crash.

1. Steer clear from the emotions of making a quick profit

In most cases, amateur stock traders will step into the stock market with the common impulse of making huge gains within a short time. However, Mr. Bauman, the renowned asset protection expert describes the impulse as a perfect breeding ground for huge losses.

Stock traders, who let the impulse overpower them, end up buying more stocks. Overbuying places them at high risk of making a huge loss, just in case the stock price falls to its lowest.

However, if the unanticipated crash in stocks catches you unaware, stay calm and wait until the stocks gain their intrinsic market value. Panicking will only make you sell the stocks at a huge loss. According to Ted Bauman, savvy investors should aim at making small but consistent profits. This tactic will shield you from the massive losses resulting from overtrading.

2. Diversify your investment

Diversifying your investment is another excellent way to protect your stock investment from an unexpected market crash. For instance, Ted Bauman encourages savvy investors to invest in stocks and bonds, rather than relying on stocks alone.

Why? Stocks are highly volatile. You can make enormous profits or massive losses within a short time. On the contrary, bonds are less risky. A bond’s value cannot drop by 50% in a night. Into the bargain, the monthly dividends from bonds would help you recover part of your stock losses.

Who is Ted Bauman?

Ted Bauman is a financial expert, with exceptional skills in financial management, asset protection, and low-risk investment. He delights in sharing well-researched financial insights to his readers. In addition to the experience, Bauman holds a postgraduate degree in economics.

HerbaLife Nutrition’s Unique Student Outreach

For its 26th year, Herbalife Nutrition has partnered with a major global brand for a competition. This year, it’s a clothing design competition in partnership with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). FIDM is considered to be one of the most prestigious design schools in the U.S. They share a passion for innovation and excellence, both skills of which are necessary to thrive in the real business world. The competition has already begun and is expected to continue until late spring 2019. Over 15 FIDM students have been chosen for the Herbalife competition.


Those students will be divided into teams to design sportswear and activewear that closely represents that lifestyle. Those students are expected to select a theme for their design along with the color scheme, type of fabric and making it. Once their projects are finished, a spokesperson will then be chosen to present the material and how they will market their collection. Each student will have the opportunity to create and make their own designs along with participating in a team project. This collaboration is an opportunity for students to practice making a line of clothing that will inspire potential customers to lead healthier lives.

In the past, Herbalife has joined forces with other major brands, such as Nike, in order to help teach design students to inspire potential customers to live healthier lives. During the competition, students also get to directly immerse themselves into the global consumer marketplace. They also do research to help themselves understand the kinds of things that millennials, as a group, tend to like the most. Students will also have a grand opportunity to travel to global design hubs in places known for fashion, such as Paris and Milan. While in those locations, they will have the opportunity to work directly with and interact with Herbalife leaders around the globe.