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The Founder of Mullen Lowe Brazil: Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is the founder and Co-CEO of Mullen Lowe one of the best promotional organizations in the commercial market industry in Brazil. Also, Borghi is a successful author of virtuoso a Brazilian publication. His aspiration and towards advertising marketing started way back in high school. At this point is when Jose began to feel insecure about the industry he would finally enter too. Luckily at this juncture, providence and capability came together bridging his course. Borghi’s sister visited him one day she invited him to over with her to Castro Neves Theater. His sister felt that there is a scene that will be of great significance. On the exhibition, the awards and prizes were awarded to the presenters of Cannes Worldwide Festival of Imagination. To add on the same token, the awards to be won were in the form of Golden Lions. The awards spellbound Jose, and from that moment he became confident. From that moment Jose would make efforts to earn himself a Lion award by aspiring to be a perfect artistic promoter.

Borghi started to work immediately after his education. He worked at Standart Ogivily group. Mr. Jose worked hard, and Jose became highly successful during his time with the company. He was confidence enough to start his company. With collaboration with his business partner Err Ray they came up with BhorghiErh Company, the new business experienced success. The firm in 2006 got the public attention, and later the enterprise adopted the name, Lowe. The business name changed to Borghi Lowe and learn more about Borghi.

The firm made achievements for it to be celebrated both internationally and domestically. The company finally merged with Mullen (an established firm in Brazil), and once again the firm updated its name to Mullen Lowe Brazil.

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An Unexpected Source of Creativity in Lori Senecal

When one looks at Lori Senecal, one would not expect her to be the CEO of an advertising agency. However, she has been in charge of many different advertising agencies. She has also shown a lot of creativity in finding solutions to challenges that bring companies to a larger position than before. Lori is very good at taking local businesses and globalizing them by opening up locations in other areas of the world. She has also taken the time to offer more work in other parts of the world so that customers in those parts of the world would give her company, CP+B a chance.

One of the reasons that people don’t expect her to be one of the creative minds behind the advertising industry is that she is not one of the larger than life personalities that the advertising agency is known for harboring. She is straight to the point in the type of work she does for the industry. She is more interested in getting the job done for the clients and keeping any relationship with the clients on a purely professional level. The New York Times says her methods have not only made it easier for clients to get the advertising they need from the agency but has also caused the companies she has worked with to grow and create more jobs for people.

Even as a shy introvert, Lori Senecal has proven to be not only good for the industry, but for the economy as a whole as well. This is one thing that companies should focus on at the beginning. They should focus on how they are going to expand, not just for the sake of reaching more customers and making money but also for the sake of offering more jobs for people so that they will have something to fall back on to support themselves.

While Lori is all about efficiency and getting work done, she is also making a lot of decisions that will help bring in more profits as well as more work for people. She has shown that she has the creativity that is needed in this industry. For more info, follow Lori Senecal on Twitter.