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Achievements of Fortress Investment Group in the Finance Industry

Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998 and it’s respected because of the tremendous growth it has managed to realize since it was founded. The company specializes in financial investment and was founded by prominent investment gurus who have been able to achieve tremendously in the financial markets. The company started as a private equity firm in the United States but currently serving the entire globe. Today, the company is a trendsetter in the international markets.

Fortress Investment Group was able to rise to fame in the year 2007 and this happened after the company leadership decided to highlight the firm’s first offering in public. This was also the first time it was registered in the NYSE markets. According to its founders, this was one of the biggest steps ever made by them. They arrived at the decisions when they realized that they needed more customers to flow in the business.

The directors of Fortress Investment Group have since then diversified on their products as well as services. They currently have more than $43 billion worth of assets and they keep on working towards increasing them. The company is also proud to have more than two thousand hedge fund investors, private equity investors and also permanent capital who all depend on the services of the company.

The company believes in innovations as well as taking calculated risks which enables them to become professionals in the business. The company has its headquarters based in the city of NewYork and has been experiencing a good flow of customers coming to their offices seeking for quality services. The company have also subsequently opened several offices in various parts of the globe and has continued to realize a lot of growth in the last few years they have been in operation. Fortress Investment Group is also a good employer and has been able to employ over nine hundred staff who are continuously working towards bringing new innovations at the company. They have specialized in service delivery as well as the unity of purpose.

The company is also privileged to have a team of finance professionals at the top positions. They have a wide range of expertise from other companies which they served before joining Fortress. The three founders are Randal Nardon who is a lawyer and a finance executive, Wes Edens and Peter Briger. They have done whatever it takes to move the company forward.

Sustainability And GDP

Ecologically speaking, using natural resources to make items that we use for daily living is undoubtedly sustainable and smart. Flavio Maluf, a wood panel and door manufacturer in Brazil, owns Eucatex. The name comes from the fact that Mr. Flavio Maluf is using eucalyptus trees in production of all products. Sustainably harvesting parts of the eucalyptus tree is a way to coexist with nature and provide goods. This means that Flavio Maluf undoubtedly keeps an eye on agricultural Gross Domestic Product(GDP)numbers. Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

There was a fall off in the first quarter of 2018, of 2.6%, but this is contributed, at least in part, to a truck driver demonstration and stall on deliveries. This happened in May, however, so the carry-forward effect will show in second-quarter GDP as well. The truckers strike affected the distribution of corn, sugar cane and coffee, just to name a few components of the GDP that were affected. On balance, there were some highlights in the GDP numbers as the tobacco and soybean harvests were strong in the first quarter.

Overall, however, last year’s GDP was high, so a fall off in the first quarter of 2018 was somewhat expected. GDP was very strong in the first quarter of 2017. The truckers strike caused a decrease in the price of diesel oil and a subsequent regulation of road freight. Agricultural producers lost out and were hurt by this strike as they were unable to move their products. Although farmers were hurt, as well as consumers, by the truckers strike, there was widespread support in the general population for the truckers who were seen as standing up for their rights.

Eucatex primarily manufactures wooden panels and paints using eucalyptus trees for materials. They also make laminate floors and doors. Located in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, Eucatex makes use of naturally occurring materials to power their business model. Coexisting with nature while creating a successful business has been the hallmark of Flavio Maluf’s career.



Productivity Habits To Develop From Robert Deignan

There is more to success than coming up with a good idea that is going to change the industry. One thing that people need to do in order to succeed in their careers is be as productive as they can. There are many different ways to be productive. However, it is up to the individual to find a way that he is going to be the most productive and develop productivity habits. One thing that helps for many entrepreneurs is to be organized. The best way to be organized is to organize everything according to one’s strengths. This can help maximize the productivity for the day.


Examples of productivity habits is found in the life and career of Robert Deignan. He has a routine that gets his day going. One of the first things he talks about is believing in what he is doing. This is one of the most important ways for people to be productive. Another thing Robert Deignan does which keeps him productive is look at an analyze data. Another thing he mentions is time management which is a very important task. Robert talks about being careful about any activity that time is spent on. For Robert Deignan to spend time on something, it has to make sense and be important to moving forward for his business.


Robert Deignan says that while ideas and assumptions are okay to move forward on, the most important thing to go by is the numbers. According to him, the numbers do not lie. Therefore, numbers are worth paying the most attention to. With special attention paid to the numbers, Robert can make the needed adjustments to make sure business is operating at its best. Robert understands that knowing how to read numbers is important to moving forward in any company and industry.