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Just like the name suggests The Advocates for Human Rights is a group that is at the fore front in fighting for human rights in the world. The groups aim is to Implement the accepted international human rights standards and reinforce the rule of law.

Over thirty years, the group has advocated for human rights change in the regional, global and local levels. Its activities has changed the lives of many children, immigrants, and women.

By involving volunteers around the globe who advocate, educate and research on human rights issues, this group can carry its work in the United States and other global communities. This rights group was started in nineteen eighty-three by a group of Minnesota based attorneys.

At first, it was named as a Human Rights committee of Minnesota lawyers that sought to educate its members, public and the lawyers on issues to do with human rights. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter and Michael Larcey | Facebook

Through the group, local lawyers and professionals were trained and encouraged to make use of the skills and experiences to defend people rights in the city of Minnesota. In nineteen ninety-two, to reflect its goal of advocating for human rights globally and locally, the group changed its name to Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights. In 2008, the group changed the name again to The Advocates for Human Rights to reflect its global touch. It has continually advocated for human rights globally.

Today, the organization has received numerous recognitions for its work. The group’s preparation and documentation of the Minnesota Protocol which provides a manual to protect and investigate arbitrary, extra-legal and summary executions was one of the early projects that saw the group internationally recognized.

The United Nations have adopted the document and it used in many countries around the world for documentation and investigation of abuses on human rights.

Over the last 25 years since its interception, the group has been involved in human rights in countries such as Poland, Mexico, Uganda, Peru, Nepal, sierra Leone, the US, Mexico, Albania among other nations. The advocates have broadened its work around the globe.

Lacy And Larkin Frontera Fund Is Born

Despite the great work that Advocates for Human Rights and other human and civil rights groups do; there is still a violation of these rights locally and globally.

One such incident happened in October two thousand and seven, two journalists Lacey and Jim; the co-founders of the Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times were arrested by the Maricopa County Sheriff after they revealed that there existed grand jury proceedings which had sought reporters notes on articles that covered the sheriff. Even more shocking was that the grand jury demanded to know the identity of citizens who read stories that involved the sheriff online on Phoenix New Times.

However, a good thing did come out of this arrest as the two reporters decided to sue the county because they fought for the first amendments rights implementation. Jim and Mike won the case and were awarded settlement money that amounted to $3.75 million.

The two journalists have decided to use the settlement money to set up the Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund that supports human rights groups that fight for human, migrants and civil rights and those that advocate for freedom of speech and civil participation in Arizona and the Mexican border.

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In many years, prevail of justice takes a lot of effort to succeed in many countries across the world. Therefore, those who fight for justice must be people who are determined and strong-willed to achieve justice regardless of the challenges experienced. This makes Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to be heroes in pursue fairness.

Michael Lacey is a mathematics guru who has gained respect and recognition in the United States through his works in the subject. On the other hand, Jim Larkin is a publisher who uses his skills and knowledge to help out in the society. The collaboration of the two in media has been through a lot in the name of bringing justice to the people.

The two people agreed to work together to ensure that there is social justice in all aspects and that activities involving the public are done in fairness and equality. To achieve this, they both formed a publication namely Phoenix New Times with Michael as the leading editor and Larkin as the leading advisor. The publications gave a channel for interaction and issuing of information as people got informed on the social happenings and gave their response and remarks.

Their regular coverage of things affecting the people led to their arrest as they released strike of the students. It was a period when many media personnel were being arrested undermining their work. After their release, it did not mark their end as they revealed the story of Arpaio who was an unfair Sherriff. Arpaio denied the immigrants the opportunity to get their rights and oppressed them in many ways as he tried to curb illegal immigration. The situation affected the Latinos mostly.

The publication if Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin led to a lot of opposition that had to involve the public for justice to be done. As a result, they created a Frontera fund which was aimed to help immigrants get their rights and smooth migration. The funding of the foundation was also directed to Front Page Confidential that was created to assist in the curbing the rights of free speech of the journalists.