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Let Your Voice be Heard Through Avaaz

The world can seem a heartless place until you begin looking at all of the positive movements that take place everyday online through networks like Avaaz. Avaaz started as a vehicle for social change in 2007 and it hasn’t slowed down since. It has garnered the attention of powerful online publications like The Guardian, that has hailed its powers in numerous articles that document how the network changes lives in the world.

The word “Avaaz” itself is derived from a Persian word that means “voice.” It’s the voice of the many joining together to reach the ears of the few people in power, and if you visit the Avaaz website, you immediately feel this spirit abounds here. There are petitions that are signed by thousands or even millions of people who share a similar cause. They might want to educate or they might want to outright change things. It all starts with a single petition and a gathering together of people who share similar goals.

The goals of the Avaaz community extends to many of today’s most pressing social issues. From human and animal rights to specific political issues like gay marriage or religious freedom, the 45 million people on Avaaz are all trying to make their voices heard in the hopes that many voices at once will inspire change in the world. You can keep up with your latest causes, share your thoughts in community chats, or start petitions of your own to garner support for your favorite causes.

Avaaz continues to be a powerful platform for change in an online world that so often is distracted by entertainment. Joining Avaaz is one of the easiest, most important things you can do if you really want to make a difference in today’s world. It’s the largest social network of its kind.