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Alex Pall: A Musical Visionary

In an article from Interview Magazine, the popular DJ duo The Chainsmokers discuss where they came from, fame, and the routes they plan to go to keep impressing their fans. The duo released their song “Closer” that features recording artist Halsey as well. The article discusses how this song was different due to the fact that this song marked the first time that The Chainsmokers actually sung in one of their own pieces. Andrew Taggart recorded some lyrics on this huge hit song showing that the duo is in fact very versatile.

Allan Pall goes on to mention in the article that he started DJing around New York City doing smaller side gigs because it was something he was so passionate about. He started to feel that his passion was leading him to what he wanted to keep doing as a career. Pall’s manager introduced him to Taggart and the rest is history. Both men shared the same drive and passion and the two began working together immediately.

Pall mentions in the article how him and Taggart spent hours everyday trying to build a identity for what they were both so passionate about. Both men began to study what worked and what didn’t work around them musically and really tried to encompass a specific route that they wanted to go in their careers. They wanted people to relate to their work and really connect with their music. Pall explains how The Chainsmokers have become much more popular than they could have ever dreamed of. They want to keep people interested and keep incorporating new things into their work.

Pall talks about how Instagram shows the diversity of people they are reaching and how incredible it is. All age groups and different ethnicities are connecting with their music and it is a special thing. They are happy to know that they are connecting with so many different people in the world and that their music has such a big voice. Pall explains that they are going to continue to push themselves and grow so that they can keep connecting on a deep level with their fans. The duo wants to keep giving their fans new and unique experiences as told through their music.