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Sightsavers’ Lessons For Improvement

After the initial pilot program targeting improved services for the disabled and women. Sightsavers came away with many lessons that will help them improve their services and offer them on a larger scale. Inclusion is the key to offer a larger spectrum of support services.


Educating all partners, community members and workers is key to improving services to a larger group of services offered than ever before. This is an exciting take away for Sightsavers. The disabled will have easier access to buildings; changes will come through the education of partner hospitals, workers, community members. Once people learn what the needs are of their patient’s changes to structures and types of service will be acknowledged and completed at a swift rate. In turn the surrounding community will benefit.


Gathering leaders who understand the sensitive needs of the disabled and the importance of services for women are extremely important to the issue. Sightsavers can only be as effective as their leaders and members. It is exciting to consider the improvements to services that can be made with an educated and willing team.


Finances will play a crucial role in improvement of services that Sightsavers will be providing to communities. Education for the all involved will open a pathway for much needed funds to be collected. After all understanding the issues and being sensitive to the plight of the disabled and of women will bring a willingness to assist in the improvement of Sightsavers services and to broaden the availability of services to an often ignored part of the population.


Sightsavers has many years in the field of offering much needed eye care to communities that otherwise would not have it. The pilot program of providing care to marginalized group was a valuable learning experience and has opened the doors to providing more care to an even larger part of the population. With education and understanding the Sightsavers may be able to one day serve many more countries.