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Doe Deere – article recap

Sometimes we all want to take a walk on the wild side and put down those nudes for something a bit more bold or vibrant.


But what if you aren’t feeling confident enough to step out in that red or purple lip topper?


What should a girl do when she wants to transition into wearing bold colors but is uneasy about seeing so much color on her face for the first time in her life?


Doe Deere answers this tough question and gives us some insight on one particular app that is worth the investment.


Wanting To Start Wearing More Color?

Not everyone is used to wearing bold colors.


However, some women reach a turning point in their lives where they at least want to try out a bit of colorful makeup.


Deere’s advice: move slow.


Try some bold colors in the comfort of your home first.


Get used to seeing it on yourself.


The world will notice if you are feeling out of your comfort zone, so taking some time to adjust to the new makeup will do wonders for your confidence with it.


By the time you’re ready to wear the bold makeup outside of your home, you should feel confident in it.


Don’t mind any stares you may get; people enjoy taking a peep at all things bold!


What’s Her Best Personal Investment?

Donating to causes she believes in


As we all know, Deere is an animal lover and has three cats of her own


She donates regularly to an animal rescue shelter in New York, a state that she called home for many years.


The shelter is called Bide-A-Wee and helps to find abandoned cats and dogs new homes.


The shelter also improves the animal’s physical condition if it needs any rehabilitation.


This shelter remains close to Deere’s heart because out of her three cats, two of them are rescues, and she knows just how much good organizations like Bid-A-Wee does for animals that have no home and are on their own.


What’s Her Best Professional Investment?

One Word: FaceTune


Everyone in the beauty industry should invest in FaceTune if they haven’t yet done so. It is the single best piece of software if you want your pictures to appear completely flawless.


Need to whiten your teeth?




Want to magically erase pimples?


FaceTune is the answer.


Skin not that smooth?


Smooth out that skin with FaceTune.


FaceTune is literally capable of solving most of the world’s problems when it comes to taking high-quality photos in which you want to look your best. Learn more: