Cutting-Edges Changes For Brazilian Law

Bruno Jorge Fagali is making waves in his field of law. He demonstrates idiosyncratic qualities not found among many other attorneys. He stands for social justice, anti-corruption and clean business. His credentials are impressive, but more importantly, his attitude is what allows him resonate so well with his peers and the public.

Bruno has attended school in multiple countries. They include Ontario, Canada; New Cairo, Egypt; and São Paulo, Brazil. Back in 1997, he began his education at Canadian International College to study the English language. Directly proceeding that, he furthered his studies at Mohawk College. During 2004 to 2008, he pursued a ‘Bachelor of Law’ degree at the University of São Paulo. In 2008 and 2009, Bruno studied electoral law and parliamentary law at SBDP (Brazilian Society of Public Law). From 2010 to 2012 he finished his studies. He holds a ‘Masters in Law’ degree from São Paulo.

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Bruno has an abundance of knowledge and background in his field, but there is more to his likability. He has principals and morals that are rarely seen among today’s attorneys. He believes in honesty and complete social justice. A results of these strong morals, he has earned his place at the SCCE (Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics).

Bruno demonstrates qualities of a natural leader. These attributes have transpired into him creating his own firm named “Fagali Advocacia.” He also serves as a Corporate Integrity Manager for Nova/SB. Nova/SB is a marketing company specializing with promotion campaigns for groups such as the International Labour Organization and the World Health Organization.

Fagali can communicate in four languages. They include French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. The law firms he has been associated with include Serrano & Renault, Calil & Associados, Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques, Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira and Radi.

With extensive qualifications and a passion to bring justice to the public, Fagali is on the path to becoming Brazil’s favorite attorney for the modern and liberal age.

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