Igor Cornelsen Breakthrough in the Business World

Most people carry out particular projects based on the experience they have had in their areas of duty. Igor Cornelsen has been able to come out broadly and learn from his own experiences. He has got a firm foundation in a discipline dealing with the art of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems. He acquired the training way back in the Federal University. When it comes to production, distribution, consumption, and management of goods and services his performance is undebatable.

Igor Cornelsen has had a chance to interact with capitalists with a business mindset. He got this chance while working in one of the financial institutions that specialized in project development. Usually, there is always a correlation between finance and engineering. In fact, most of the courses undertaken in college are similar. This made it easier for him to handle computations as far as valuation is concerned. The exercise turned out to be very involving and tedious since technology had not yet been introduced. There were neither computers nor machines to solve a mathematical problem. When it came to performance appraisal, he was always above the average score. This gave him recognition even to the clients he served with due diligence.

The management saw something in him that would benefit the institution a great deal. Later it was proposed that he should lead Multibanco firm as the motivator and the facilitator. Igor Cornelsen also had a chance to work with the Unibanco an opportunity that came after Multibanco went into financial crises. When the prices of commodities and services keep on fluctuating, the stock market automatically gets affected negatively. All the experience he acquired assisted him manages his enterprise. At the moment he happens to be his boss of a particular investment institution that acts as an advisory body to investors.