Jeff Yastine: He’s known the investment world longer than you

Jeff Yastine wrote an article a few days ago on Medium.Com about the apparent failure of Amazon’s merger with Whole Foods. In the article, he notes that Amazon’s mission and methods are different than that of Whole Foods, and the prioritization of Amazon’s methods (high bulk, low cost, low innovation) could cause Whole Foods to lose market share. Yastine points out that the promised lowering of food prices has not occurred, produce has deteriorated in quality, and Amazon’s stock dropped in December where Wal-Mart’s rose steadily. Yastine predicted in June 2017 that the merger would not produce a profit, and he believes that the results are shaping up as he expected. Follow Jeff Yastine at

Jeff Yastine has been a stock market investor and financial journalist for two decades. In addition to acting as an editor for Total Wealth Magazine and Banyan Hill Publishing, he was an anchor at PBS Nightly Business Report from 1994 to 2010. In that two decades, he was able to foresee the dotcom bubble and the collapse of the housing market. Jeff Yastine reported across a wide variety of investment sectors, and even branched out into reporting on the state of America’s crumbling infrastructure.

His current articles for reflect the breadth of his knowledge on investment sectors, covering such topics as food, retail, technology, foreign investment, and cybersecurity. The greater portion of his recent articles are about cybersecurity, partly because he feels that it is a sector for substantial growth, and partly because he feels that a lack of security puts American business at risk. In his article “Hack Attacks are Corporate America’s Worst Nightmare”, he notes that a big American business seems to be hacked every week, and foresees a substantial rise in Cybersecurity profits as businesses realize they need to protect their data. He makes the same point in his article about the recent attack on the central bank of Bangladesh: as more hacks happen, the Cybersecurity industry will only grow. Most of his articles about cybersecurity combine the fear of being hacked with his optimism for the growth of the Cybersecurity industry.

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