Lime Crime Lipstick Makes All The Difference


Lime Crime Cosmetics is a company that’s forged its own path in the highly competitive world of makeup. This company started back in 2007-2008 when a highly creative designer and internet entrepreneur named Doe Deere decided to use some of the color concepts she’s worked with in her online fashion company and apply them to the makeup business. Deere’s understanding of social media as a promotional tool and her commitment to the use of vivid color made this company a standout startup for the very beginnings.

A Savvy Hold on Online Media



The looks are utterly spectacular, and they are what has really sets this line apart in the marketplace and on social media. Lime Crime’s Instagram page is inter-active, and encourages users to upload photos of themselves wearing the line’s unique looks. The site’s page has over a million users to date, and the numbers are climbing. It’s this kind of savvy media use that has set Doe Deere and her cosmetics apart from many other startup makeup companies.

Lipstick That Covers The Spectrum


This cosmetics line has beautiful eye makeup offerings, with an array of shadows and liners that can be mixed and matched to incredible effect.  The matte colors from the Unicorn Lipstick are gorgeous as can be, and they stay put beautifully. These lipsticks have been favorably compared to very high end lipsticks, like those from the Kardashian line, but they come at a fraction of the price if you buy smart like the LimeCrime velvetines on sale at


Women who love color and trend-setting style in their makeup choices are discovering what a great value these lipsticks and shadows are. This is a cosmetics company whose time has truly arrived. Take a look at Instagram and there’s no doubt you’ll understand why.

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  • Aleena Sullivan

    June 30, 2017

    Lime Crime is sold via the company’s colorful website, which features incredible pictures of users wearing all the colors this innovative company offers. The lipstick choices from this makeup line are nothing short of spectacular. This is also a very serious issue for and that alone would have brought a lot of thing for them too to understand thoroughly.

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