Sanitizing the Election Reforms Laws Through End Citizens United

Dirty Money is one characteristic feature in most countries at any electioneering year. While the amount of money may vary depending on the donors and the political goodwill, its impact cannot miss being felt in the economy more so with the grassroots citizen. It is with for this reasons that the American Citizens United together to challenge the federal laws governing camping donations and contribution.


According to the infamous 2010 Supreme Court decision, the judges ruled for the federal government stating that indeed corporations were people. Since this decision did not go well with the American people more so the Democrats, it did not deter them from achieving their objectives, that is sanitizing the American election laws.


With the already established support of the grassroots citizens, End Citizens United was formed in March 2015 with Tiffany Muller as its CEO and President. The organization was formed as Political Action Committee (PAC) nonprofit organization tasked with the objective of championing financial reforms. This mission the organization is seeking to achieve through; electing pro-reform leaders more so the Democrats, using their membership at the grassroots to demonstrate their authority on issues regarding money in politics and raising awareness of money in politics.


Currently, if the number are anything to go by, End Citizen United is on a progressive path to achieving the laid down objectives. According to the PACs official website page, the figures stand at three million regarding membership and $26million in contributions. This is only a statics of the first year of operations since the group’s launch in 2015.


The figures are even better this year. According to a post featured in USA Today sometimes at the start of this year, so far End Citizen United had raised at least $4million alone in the first quarter of its 2017 operation. Going by the figures, there was an increase by at 100000 new members who had made their contributions for the first time. The contributions averaged at around $12 per person. From this, the group is at least targeting $35 million by the end of the years. Even with a high projection, the groups’ maximum contribution is set at $5000 per person. This is with the move of achieving transparency in political spending.


End Citizen United is also driving the election of financial reform champions with the group president announcing Jon Ossoff, 30 as one of their first beneficiary. Jon Ossoff is a Democrat candidate seeking to fill up the vacant position left after the appointment of Tom Prince for a secretary seat. The first time candidate will benefit from the support of End Citizen United financial and grassroots political support. Ossoff’s support is just the start of the group’s support which it plans on expounding on come 2018 elections.


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