The Key Things To Know About Brazilian Investing From Igor Cornelsen

Brazil is a place that has so many investing opportunities that even when their economy is down, you can still look into investing in various industries. When you need an expert to point you in the right direction for Brazilian investing, Igor Cornelsen is just the person to turn to because he has worked in the banking industry there and knows how much of their financial policies work. He worked at three big banks before retiring to live in Miami, but this is what he has said about Brazil’s financial situation according to PRNewswire.


Igor Cornelsen says there’s reason to be hopeful since the appointment of Finance Minister Joaquim Levy because he has the qualifications for the position and it’s expected he will have more international-friendly policies. But Cornelsen says investors also need to look at the banks and their management. There are basically 10 banks that have been where investments have flowed through over the years and among them are Banco Itau, Banco do Brasil, Citibank Brazil and Banco Bradesco. Cornelsen encourages investors looking to enter the Brazilian market to get to know locals down there and learn from them which banks are the best to invest with.

Igor Cornelsen also says investors need to pay attention to the developments in China. China is a key competitor and trade partner and its relations with Brazil and the US will always impact the Brazilian markets, especially considering it too is a major goods exporter. Cornelsen also says the value of the Brazilian real is another thing to look out for because he’s felt that for so long it’s been priced above what it should be. He expects Brazil’s new leaders will slowly devalue it to make sure it settles back into its true value without crashing the nation’s currency.

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