Why.Betsy DeVos Is The Real Warrior For Educational Opportunity

Betsy DeVos was once one of President Trump’s strongest critics, but when called on by him to take over one of the government’s most critical departments, she was happy to answer the call. DeVos had been doing so already at the local level for many years prior to her nomination. She and her husband, Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. helped many small private schools thrive through getting legislation passed as part of political action initiatives and through their own funding efforts. But it’s gone even beyond primary and secondary education where she’s proven her leadership having also done so in business and non-profit work in healthcare and scientific research as well.


Betsy DeVos is the daughter of one of Michigan’s most iconic manufacturing tycoons, Edgar Prince. She picked up many of her life philosophies from her family. She studied business at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, and while there also became a campus leader in social causes. She married Dick DeVos during this time, and together they founded The Windquest Group. Dick had also been the CEO of Amway Corporation and the Orlando Magic. While Betsy certainly devoted a lot of her energy to running the business, it was the DeVos Foundation that shook Michigan’s education and political worlds.


The Education Freedom Fund was Betsy’s first scholarship program that was started while she served on the board of the American Education Reform Council. She led an effort during the 2000 election to amend the Michigan Constitution to make private school tax credits and vouchers legal. While that effort was voted against in that election, it opened the door to the DeVos’s next goal of establishing charter schools including the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Betsy DeVos became the main spokesperson for Michigan’s Republican party when she was voted in as the chairperson. At first she didn’t embrace that position because she thought it detracted from her ability to mobilize grassroots activists. But in time she began to help fund and lead campaigns for President Bush’s reelection and was even said to be the biggest attack dog against the Governor Jennifer Granholm. Betsy also firmly supported Dick’s run for governor in 2006 against Granholm and later campaigned with him to pass a key piece of legislation for right to work in 2012.


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